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How China Turned the Pandemic and Protests Into Propaganda Opportunities | WSJ

China’s state media have been using the pandemic and U.S. protests sparked by the killing of George Floyd to rally its citizens at home, as Beijing’s relationships around the world grow tenser. Photo Composite: Crystal Tai/WSJ

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  1. Avatar

    Black lives matter!!! The U.S. shouldn't infringe people's rights to protest. How could you send troops on the streets to oppress your own people??? American democracy is so overrated and might be just a propaganda.

  2. Avatar

    We can find all the good and bad side of the US protestors in weibo and douyin, but news is always about bad news right?

  3. Avatar

    Wu maos attak

  4. Avatar

    Chinese translated “Black lives matter” to “黑命贵”, which really means “black lives are expensive” and gives it a very negative undertone. Also, most Chinese people are lead to believe black people are violent and bad by the Chinese government.

  5. Avatar

    What an irony! A donkeys saying to a rabbit you have big ears. Lol…

  6. Avatar

    the propaganda of the US version

  7. Avatar
    papa joe stalin of Stalinist stanistan

    I think india did the right thing boycotting chinese goods, not because it will effect chinese economy but because indians wouldn't protest like americans, and now American cases are skyrocketing

  8. Avatar
    Juraj Frederik Lauko

    The problem is not that they show the most terrible events that happened in the US recently but that those things even happened. Gosh, love to live in Europe.

  9. Avatar

    When it comes to the George Floyd riots the US media did the exact same as the China media. 
    Peaceful protests don't get viewers violence does. We are really no different than China when it comes to propaganda.

  10. Avatar

    Trump is walking right into a Chinese trap and the fool doesn't know it.

  11. Avatar

    The stable genius says "Nobody knows it better than I do how to turn anything into a propaganda opportunity."

  12. Avatar

    doesn’t US media use the same propaganda tactics on everything including US domestic issues? this reporter is so biased and has no shame.

  13. Avatar

    Stop acting like Europe wasn't laughing at US now. All the American fought Europe for our own independence. Now most European countries somehow became the way better place to live in.

  14. Avatar

    The WSJ would not behave like China hahahaha

  15. Avatar

    America is clean,the air is sweet 🤣

  16. Avatar

    wsj is a propaganda news media, reporting fake news, that's why their reporters got kicked out of China.

  17. Avatar

    At the end of the day more things went wrong with US's covid response than China's covid response

  18. Avatar

    In other words the sky is blue and China is doing what it’s been doing for the last 70 years.

    But on the other hand for WSJ to say this it sounds like “how dare you to use our total failure to push your own agenda”.

    Don’t know which one is sadder. Cue the “get some help” meme.

  19. Avatar

    Chinese government = WSJ's role model

  20. Avatar

    The WSJ lecturing us about propaganda?! 😂😂

  21. Avatar
    Royce Maurice dela Peña

    Propraganda? US always doing that. Lol! China is united right now and they cant shake it thats why US keep attacking them. America is so jealous right now since China almost catch up to US gdp.

  22. Avatar

    3:10 FuKing Waaaaa ttt?.?
    The Professor of US Propaganda 😜

  23. Avatar


  24. Avatar
    Daniel Sterling

    Uighurs be like 😒😒😒

  25. Avatar

    Funny – aren't you doing exactly the same thing in this video? I really try to avoid any politics discussion. But come on, WSJ and some of the western media. Do you have to have an rival / enemy to do the reporting as China does? I mean, seriously, I know China has many issues, especially on freedom of speech. But you guys are no better, especially on double standard and misleading.

  26. Avatar
    Royce Maurice dela Peña

    How about you leave China alone? Lol you guys are just jealous about their growth.

  27. Avatar

    This is all media, not just China though. Media = get attention

  28. Avatar
    Royce Maurice dela Peña

    And this is US propaganda version. 🤣🤣🤣

  29. Avatar
    Yong Yew Kuan Andy

    Yup thats only because Pompeo and Gang was trying to destroy HK with fear. why can't China do the same?

  30. Avatar
    Yong Yew Kuan Andy

    Is white people and free media OK?

  31. Avatar

    Trump did the samething as china, Covering up the severity of Covid-19 and still refuse to accept the severity of Covid-19 till today.

  32. Avatar

    Well i mean…to be fair, Trump DID say those things publically in front of our own media xD

  33. Avatar
    Aparajita Suman

    Funny indeed, China suffered from its censorship and yet many other democratic leaders also try to control media.
    The basic point boils down to strong democracy and free media.

    I may sound utopian liberal.

  34. Avatar

    Wow crazy. Imagine if every country did this already?!
    Woah, imagine if the Wall Street Journal had participated in acts like this too?!
    Mind = blown!
    Good thing it's just all imaginations though. Good thing. Good thing.

  35. Avatar
    Yong Yew Kuan Andy

    I heard from a Tweety Bird that someone willing to offer visa to fly all those 5 million HK Chinese over to US, UK, CANADA, Australia… Hnmmm Hiw about actually giving real helping hands to the YEMENESE, SYRIANS, LEBANESE, ROHINGYA & VENEZUELANS? Or Chinese kids skjn just look fairer and whiter and can only meet standard of "WESTERN REFUGEES" STATUS?

    WOW Even have to pick skin color when receiving Refugees? Western people had to be racist until darker skin have to get PAKISTAN & TURKEY to receive them…: "HUMAN RIGHTS" or "WESTERN TROPHIES" 🙄 Shameful and distasteful to think that WESTERN people had learned from BLM. It's just that they really had no choice and Pandemic made everyone stayed home and was free to watch the news only they know black people or people of color had to face so much problem. 😡

    Again the racist reaction from the WEST when picking FAIR SKIN "REFUGEES" and not DARK SKIN ONES. that are actually the one that needed helped most…make me disrespect the WESTERN POLITICIANS even more….hope their kids doesn't learn it from them. It's terrible examples

  36. Avatar
    Royce Maurice dela Peña

    China doesn’t need democracy. They lived for 5000 years without it. As long as CCP focus on economy expansion, chinese will be fine. 750k chinese are making lots of money right now. And they will continue to help the 600k more to earn more income and elevate their status into middle class. US is just afraid of their rise. They almost catching up to US gdp.

  37. Avatar
    Nicolaas Strecker

    USA media (left and right) are barely better than China's media. "Hypocrisy is the compliment vice pays to virtue"

  38. Avatar

    Oh ya? Dont you remember how usa make propaganda into arabs? Afghanistan,eygpt,syria,yamen,palestine,and many more. Dont be so fake 🙂

  39. Avatar

    Isn’t this what American media has been doing not only with China but with the world?

  40. Avatar

    Nevertheless, there has been no fabricated content relating to US, TBH

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