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How Carnival Has Been Hit by the Coronavirus Crisis | WSJ

Over nearly five decades, Carnival amassed a global fleet of cruise ships. But in the face of a pandemic, health authorities and passengers are questioning whether operators like Carnival can set sail safely going forward. WSJ’s Carter McCall explains. Photo: Getty Images

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    500 subs With no videos challenge


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    David Liang - College Grad Finance

    By their stock rallying 100% from the lows.

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    The problem is the peoples, Not the cruise ship.
    Just take a look at US pathetic state and then COVID-19 pandemic on cruise ships cases ratio. LOL

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    Isn't it funny that up to two other cruise ships were involved in False Flags that dramatically changed the course of human history?

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    how about using cruise ships to transport cargo and soldiers now?

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    let them go bankrupt! the ships will still be there…

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    David Lloyd-Jones

    If the cruise business is down the drain, these shipping companies are going to have to move on to set themselves up as independent, untaxed, military-free, national governments.
    As some of them have intended all along.

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    Cruises are toxic filled laden wastelands.

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    Good! 🤣😂🤣😂🤣

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    They will get hit hard, yes but they will survive, not the same way but they will survive and will compete with new companies which will be better for customers.

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    Financial Shinanigan

    They better, I got money on them!

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    Good riddance.

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    Black Vito - Moneyology

    Read them 10-Qs, my what a story they'd tell

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    Not a very comprehensive article. Nothing about the biggest source of COVID19 in Australia, the Ruby Princess. This matter is subject to a criminal investigation by NSW Police and a Special Commission of inquiry by the Australian government.

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    God, it’s hard to remember back to February when this was the start of it all.

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    Only after a vaccine.

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    They could provide housing for the homeless people.

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