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How Brands Are Advertising During the Pandemic | WSJ

As the coronavirus pandemic progresses, companies are searching to find the right tone and message for their marketing. How are some of the world’s most recognizable companies re-envisioning their advertising? Photo: Mint Mobile

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  1. Avatar

    Last time i was this early Dow was above 29500.

  2. Avatar
    The Code To Cool

    I will subscribe to anyone that subscribes to me

  3. Avatar

    I hate these sympathy ads, like c’mon…be original

  4. Avatar
    Black Vito - Moneyology

    Advertising on financial YouTube channels are getting a little low budget inn annoying more than usual

  5. Avatar

    It would be great if there was video how brands are shifting to Digital advertising during the pandemic.

  6. Avatar

    Ads have been so insufferable lately.. more so than before, honestly. It really reveals how brands pander to their customers.

  7. Avatar

    And seriously. Stop it with the sad piano music! It’s on every other corona virus TV ad.

  8. Avatar
    Financial Shinanigan

    All these brands saying they understand my pain…can y'all pay my rent then?

  9. Avatar
    Aurobindo Ghosh

    wsj new advertising guru

  10. Avatar
    Golden Shamrock

    India the country endangering peace in Asian Region.

  11. Avatar
    Jason Rahimzadeh

    Throw out your TV. Log off of social media.

  12. Avatar

    sorry get a life.

  13. Avatar

    All marketing assets from the brand that are non-digital are being pulled out. Agencies that specialize in digital are currently prioritized.

  14. Avatar

    I find the pandemy adapted ads on the “new normal” as deeply annoying and usually I switch the channel as fast as possible or I’m avoiding them at all.

  15. Avatar

    smart ads from the wall street journal 😂

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