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How Boeing Suppliers Plan to Survive the Aviation Crisis | WSJ

Boeing’s production cuts have sent shockwaves through the aviation industry, forcing suppliers to lay off thousands of employees. Tool Gauge reconfigured its operations just after opening a new facility in Tacoma, Wash., designed to manufacture Boeing parts. Photo: Joel Winter for The Wall Street Journal

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    Question Everything — Thought Provoking Ideas

    “Failure is only the opportunity more intelligently to begin again.”
    –Henry Ford

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    Can I get a heart?

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    How old is that aerospace alliance CEO? 15?

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    By the time Boeing and its supply chains recovered from pandemic, China has taken over the last US ingenuity and doing production themselves.

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    They are using crushers wine glasses to fix roads and tar overlay to avoid rats. Sometimes rubber tyres burst. Powder quality. Sometimes fly ash. Sometimes drainage waste sand.

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    1:09 Arya Stark? Is that you?!

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    Boeing also has an unhappy history in the aviation crisis.

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    Interesting graph at 2:36, goes -25-50 -175… -100 haha

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    Hi Wall Street Journal, I like your content. I love watching your videos.

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    Nobody works Fridays on the west coast anyways. Production jobs go nowhere. Companies nowadays expect employees to literally do anything (in terms of their job duties) without increase in pay or increase in formal position with the company. Start automating middle management jobs so production workers can throw their lives away for maybe a little more money.

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    8:25, a second wave? The first one never ended!!

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    At 2:35 there is a mistake concerning the Y axis of the graph. Instead of -75% it showed -175%

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    They really didn't even cover that Boeing is killing a couple aircraft and closing down there facility in Evert WA and shifting production to the Carolinas.

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    More like 3rd wave

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    China the first to shut them down

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    they can supply tupolev and sukhoi but get half salary to survive

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    Is it just me or the y-axis on the graph at 2:36 makes no sense? lol.

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    Collin Andrew Sherriff

    One thing people do not get into their heads is that this is COVID! ALL the projections are atleast 5 years too optimistic. 🥺

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    gunjan shrivastava

    Boeing largest customer is China. Since tensions are rising between US & China, China may just ban Boeing.
    That will give Airbus and others huge advantage.

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    Blame Boeing for building a flying coffin.

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    Good thing people still want boeings fighter jets

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    4:11 typo *Prodcution –> Production

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    Lay everyone off, move production over seas

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    As if Boeing didn't already have enough issues to address. The Wall Street Journal is now uploading YouTube videos about them..

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    There is no good alternative to breathing

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