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How an Accident Sparked a Quantum Computing Breakthrough

Here’s how a series of happy accidents may have upended our approach to constructing quantum computers.
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An accident in a lab in Australia has led to a breakthrough discovery—one that might even change how we approach building quantum computers.

As we know, quantum computers are much more difficult to make quite as small as their classical counterparts, and one dream for future quantum computers is a best-of-both-worlds scenario, where single atoms embedded in silicon can be manipulated with magnetic fields, producing more compact chips with millions of qubits on them.

And now, it seems, these researchers in Australia have stumbled across a way to control nuclear qubits with more-manageable electric fields.

Find out more about this mysterious accidental discovery and what it could mean for the future of quantum computing in this Elements.

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Engineers crack 58-year-old puzzle on way to quantum breakthrough

“A happy accident in the laboratory has led to a breakthrough discovery that not only solved a problem that stood for more than half a century, but has major implications for the development of quantum computers and sensors.”

Decoherence Is a Problem for Quantum Computing, But …

“Decoherence could come from many aspects of the environment: changing magnetic and electric fields, radiation from warm objects nearby, or cross talk between qubits. Quantum scientists have their work cut out for them in wrangling all of these potential sources of decoherence.”

Here’s a Blueprint for a Practical Quantum Computer

“The power of a quantum computer lies in the fact that the system can be put in a combination of a very large number of states. Sometimes this fact is used to argue that it will be impossible to build or control a quantum computer: The gist of the argument is that the number of parameters needed to describe its state would simply be too high.”


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    Hi Seekers, thanks for watching! If you want more on quantum computing, check out this video: https://youtu.be/kyuf1zt-TpU

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    Santini THE GREAT

    Check out " Trap Stash" here

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    Thanks. "Chance favors the prepared mind." That's certainly true in this case. What blows my decidedly unprepared mind, is how in the world they figured out what was actually going on at each step in this fortuitous multiple-mishap! These scientists must have been not only prepared (both for the possibility of any mistakes or accidents, as well as to examine what they might mean), but also eminently capable of thinking in the right mode(s) to handle such eventualities, and of looking deeper into each step, at a brain-numbingly technical level. Wow. They earned this one. tavi.

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    Me: So an mistake caused a breakthrough?

    Scientists: Laughs in Bob Ross

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    They didn’t solve the problem. It’s no longer just an electric field if it’s in circuit board of such. Original research seems to imply an electrical field can manipulate electrons. What these people did was manipulate conductive material that they pumped so much electricity into they burned an antenna.

    This is not a breakthrough.

    This is weird. Going for the tiniest bits of information but you have to build a field for each one. The circuits used for generating the field could have been used for data right?

    It’s like buying a Mini Cooper but you have to add a trailer to it. What’s the point?

    And it might be viable technology, but these educational videos suck ass at trying to convey that.

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    "Coincidences are God's way of remaining anonymous" ~Albert Einstein

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    There are no accidents – Master Oogway

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    Everyone gets lucky. It's smart people who realize they are lucky and exploit it.

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    corinna wawrzuta

    The brain is a natural quantum computer

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    The very definition of serendipity.

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    @1:55 What's a phone booth? 😀 Funny to have a reference to a phone booth in a video made in 2020. I can say that I haven't seen a phone booth in maybe 15~20 years now. Imagine how many people watching this wondering what a phone booth is.

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    What will make this even more of a groundbreaking technology is when it's coupled withtwisted graphite layers that are said to be offset by 1.1 degrees in a twist of layers of graphene that when twisted at different angles and the magnetic field is messed with it becomes a room temperature superconductor the graphene also can be turned on and off with the twist of a magic 1.1 angle degree dysgraphia twisted I believe it's called twistech actually will be fundamental and it will be influenced by these nuclear electrical and magnetic field that is now controllable.

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    You can tell a very smart person. They can make complex things easy to learn.

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    China making notes..Next target to steal..

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    Is that an xbox I see

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    Seems like Bloembergen's quantum spirit guided the accident. His quantum consciousness lives on.

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    Quantum Bullshit Detector :
    ALARM – ALARM…Major Bullshit Event, Q.B. Overflow, can't process Data… bzzbzzz… ding… fssss…Detector is out of Service due to an extreme event of Hype induced Quantum Bullshit. The YouTube Channel Seeker has achieved Quantum Bullshit Supremacy. Please dear viewer wear your Quantum Bullshit Hazmat Suit (Q.B.H.S)™ when viewing this Channel on all subjects regarding Quantum Computing and future tech in general.

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    Matthew Mcclendon

    At the opening. Was that a preview of the quantum X-box. finally the "X-iQ" good to see Microsoft won the gaming wars with sony. during the 3rd great covid pandemic of 2055

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    I just don't understand why you show your face just to show us how you read your script from your display.

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    Markiraengle Namahshivayakarishnajesus


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    For moment I thought Linus is talking

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    Nothings an accident

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    The trouble with quantum computing is the fact that they have to cool a substrate to absolute zero to reduce noise. Smaller, easier to make, and more powerful is great; but it isn't the main issue. This is almost clickbait

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    is it just me or is the audio is the last half of the video messed up. i hear the background music but no dialogue

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    I recognize Dr Andreas Morello and his pony tail.

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    AaronGamer X360Wood

    If quantum computers are fully unlocked, it can "reactivate" Moores law so to speak. Then, we can create smaller and smaller chips again.

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    prolly need it to break vpn

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