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How Airlines Can Survive the Pandemic | WSJ

After an unprecedented drop in air travel due to the coronavirus, passenger airlines are being forced to make long-term, make-or-break decisions at a time of great uncertainty and minimal cash flow. So how are they planning to survive? WSJ finds out. Composite: George Downs/The Wall Street Journal

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  1. Avatar

    a bunch of really old planes with terrible cabin pressure were retired. again what is the down side for us?

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  3. Avatar

    You can literally blame anything on Trump and it will stick! LOLZ!

  4. Avatar

    I belive they can

  5. Avatar

    I hope they don't so they actually make flights enjoyable

  6. Avatar

    They can be used as labs for lowered gravity study, if airlines properly try to fund this they can compete with blue origin & spaceX, according me a try might be worth it…

  7. Avatar
    Daniel Shaikhali

    Lol Buffet did the correct thing by selling his shares and don’t @me

  8. Avatar

    Can America survive is a better question

  9. Avatar
    Roque Santos Junior

    Airlines and the Tourism Industry employs millions of people. End the flights and all will perish.

  10. Avatar

    To the beautiful person that’s reading this.
    You are intelligent and adorable, stay happy and healthy during this pandemic.
    My dream is to reach 9k, I been struggling to get there.

  11. Avatar
    Sandra Richardson

    Covid`19° sucks" !.

  12. Avatar
    Stefanie Colonius

    I wonder if airplanes will be business offices offered by AirBNB for executive Zoom meetings, or museums of the future? How would Howard Hughes rescue the industry or other flight enthusiasts? If the world wants too, of course.

  13. Avatar

    Airlines are incurring losses due to lack of passengers due to pandemic. That's the whole summary of the video😀😀😎👍

  14. Avatar

    Such a boring video. I fell asleep twice.

  15. Avatar

    they're getting rid of jumbo because it's unefficient, old and have four engines, not because of covid

  16. Avatar

    Era of oil and air travel is over. We need to find sustainable living else we will not last another century.

  17. Avatar

    Game of survivor? More like game of thrones.

  18. Avatar


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  19. Avatar

    How can airlines survive the pandemic? Airbus A220.

  20. Avatar

    It's simple economics really: low demands for fast long-range travel leads to low demands for jet airline usage.

  21. Avatar

    Awful thing is they're going to just continue packing people in like sardines, and that is sooo unhealthy. I have always thought flying was a good way to catch colds and other such things, but now i'm going to avoid flying at all costs. Flying used to be nice, but nowadays they pack people in so tight, and the seating size and distance has shrunk to the point that it is a HUGELY unpleasant experience. I really wonder if the airline that considers these things, i.e. passenger comfort and safety, may be the winner in the long run.

  22. Avatar
    YoshiPeach Mario

    Air Travel is so last century. Space Travel is the future

  23. Avatar

    The era of FoxNews will also be over soon.

  24. Avatar
    YoshiPeach Mario

    This is fantastic news for the planet. Countries will become more localised – we will still trade globally, but everything else will take a more nation first approach. This will contribute a lot to cutting down Earth temperatures

  25. Avatar

    This is a manipulation. Flybe didn't go bust because of the covid much earlier becuase of high debt.

  26. Avatar

    This guy sounds like Bill Gates.

  27. Avatar

    I just want to say thank you to Bat.

  28. Avatar

    Both AA and United have the international reputation of being "third-world" airlines.
    How anybody can fly them now, it beyond my comprehention.

  29. Avatar
    Francisco Sabinas

    Relax.. do y'all remember why aviation is where it is now? Because US government spending money on planes for military… Eventually it went commercial for people to travel.. Now airlines are converting to cargo & putting a stop big planes due to high maintenance costs

  30. Avatar

    Rip Boeing 747 1969 2020

  31. Avatar

    Not flying or staying in a hotel until this thing is under control. Work for a corporation, and all these precautions everyone says they are taking are milk toast. Also, the other day I watched a worker at Trader Joes clean the shopping carts with the same dirty cloth over and over. Smh…

  32. Avatar

    The only non-military people that will be flying by the end of the decade, will be business travelers.

  33. Avatar

    This video has inaccurate information. The 747 has been set to retire for years now, and it is not because of the Pandemic

  34. Avatar

    The video is great. The comments are cancer.

  35. Avatar

    Have a look at Ethiopian Airlines. It's actually making a net profit during this time.

  36. Avatar

    wsj make every airlines like air india

  37. Avatar
    Financial Shinanigan

    I think if airplanes became convertibles, the issue with enclosed space will be resolved. Something to look into for sure.

  38. Avatar

    Stupid video.

  39. Avatar

    Pilots are now working from home at half their salary.

  40. Avatar

    Not important… how do the workers survive being forced to work along with retail and restaurants.

  41. Avatar

    They will covert them to haul freight.

  42. Avatar

    they can fail and keep their hands out of tax dollars .

  43. Avatar

    There is no pandemic.

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