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How a ZIPPO Lighter is made – BRANDMADE in AMERICA

BRANDMADE.TV shows you how the iconic Zippo Lighter is made.

80+ years and counting, the Zippo is still proudly Made in America – in Bradford, Pennsylvania.
The Zippo classic lighter, with its ‘click heard ’round the world’ is one of the most recognizable
pieces of American culture. And now, in this 5-minute video you can see how this tiny
wonder is made? These little bringers light are deceivingly complex with over one hundred manufacturing operations required for a single Zippo to spring to life. Windproof, one hand operation and guaranteed for life, there is nothing else quite like a Zippo.

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How a classic Zippo lighter is made – 100% Americana.


How a Zippo Lighter is made – BrandmadeTV

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    Ernest George Lauzon


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    Efthimios Sakarellos

    Yes you're back!

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    Last time I was this early my zippo fluid hadn't fully evaporated yet.

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    Didn't you already upload this

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    A former colleague owned an immaculate Zippo, in candy red metallic with a prayer etched in gold lettering on the reverse. A most resplendent item. One of the world's most cherished items.

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    How is a bic lighter made

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    I just wanna see the die press in that first machine

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    Zippo's are the best. But Zippo should consider 1. Make in house a quality disposable lighter or license out their name to a quality disposable lighter company and go after that market. 2. Do more marketing to go after the youth market and other markets. Zippo should go after the X games crowd, the ig crowd and Youtube crowd. So many great potential nww and old customers tp go after. 3. License out their name or manufature themselves clothing and other quality U.S. made products with the quality Zippo name. Target outdoors camping types. What products could Zippo make for hikers campers, runners, bikers, fisherman, hunters?ect. Zippo stoves? heaters? camp cook stoves? Hand warmers? Knives? Shirts? Jackets? vests? Cookware? Shoes? The Zippo name has real weight and value and the company should wisely expand on it either through in house manufacturing or licensing. The possibilities are almost endless. It's time to expand the brand beyond lighters.

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    Let’s gooooo it’s back

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    Wonder how many people in factory actually smoke

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    They need to improve the hinge and make it stronger so the cover/top stays aligned with the bottom!

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    Who’s buying 28,000 zippo lighters every day ???

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    Finally another video.

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    This video already exists on the official zippo page.

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    I have a few of these at home. Used to get them from my brother as a gift for my deployment overseas. Truly a great piece it is!

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    Злой Канадец

    I think zippo should jump on the reusable green marketing, should make more green pilled guys buy them

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