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How 2020 Is Reshaping Black Friday | WSJ

For years, one of the biggest days of the holiday shopping season was Black Friday. But in 2020, that could change. The coronavirus pandemic is fast-tracking big changes in retail that were already underway, pushing consumers into a digital future. Illustration: Jacob Reynolds/WSJ

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    Por favor, subtítulos en español 😭

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    Sometimes I like my own comment to get the ball rolling

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    "Set father Gordon MacRae free"


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    We have to change the name of Black Friday to White Weekend.

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    To the free American people that’s reading this. May luck and love be by your side:)
    I am from China, my dream is to reach 10k sub, I been struggling to get there

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    It’s not Black Friday since the deals start a week before

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    What’s the great reset?

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    Respect islam

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    Pandemic joax health regulations has killed commerce, except for big boxes, online and hollywood/entertainment.

    By any other name it's anti competitive, authoritarian anti capitalism. Government is picking winners and losers.

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    Now it's The Black Death Friday.😦☠🎁

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    Stop hating Amazon. Just invest in it and be happy.

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    Fantastic 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

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    Have not shopped for Christmas presents in twenty years and everyone happy. Total waste of money see ya on your birthday. If Dec 25 your birthday have a nice B-day.

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    Western world, Satan's domain, going down hard. Whereas there are no exceptions when it comes to the COVID-19 virus having a devastating effect on the people and economies of the world, for one continent, Europe, the prospect of individual nations entering a second lockdown will create a heavy burden on the governments of each country, as well as the EU, to pick up the pieces left over from shattered economies.

    Merry whatever this satanic holiday season is…Trump and Israel now waging war against Iran. Every time, this time of year, historically, Israel uses this season to attack somebody, while you fools celebrate the season. It's like some sick, twisted horror show.

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    Western countries used black Friday to auction the black peopleon Friday , now they want to make alive this trend.

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    Even on a non-COVID day, I would take advantage of Black Friday specials ONLINE only.

    Traditionally, it's so outdated & I don't know why people still do it.

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    wsj has macy's

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    black friday is something we tell the next generation we did, the next gen wont believe it and look at us funny

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    E-commerce spiked because of the pandemic and theres serious competition in that regard.

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    Just buy online…

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    "Shopping!!! An American Passtime"
    George Carlin

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    where are SJWs and BLMs? they call it Black Friday that's racist, change it to white Friday or I will send BLM to the Wall Street.

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    1:49 i type the exact same way

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