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House Minority Leader McCarthy holds a press conference

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy holds his weekly press conference. On Wednesday, the Democrat-led House Judiciary Committee voted to hold Attorney General Bill Barr in contempt. McCarthy is expected to react to the vote. #FoxNews

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  1. Avatar

    Benghazi. Monica. Uranium one. Chris Steele….. Hillary’s E-Mails…

  2. Avatar


  3. Avatar

    Nadler is on a power trip. Just watch him on cspan

  4. Avatar

    And THIS is how a press conference should look like.

  5. Avatar

    Watch and learn demorats…no slurring, no fumbling, direct eye contact.

  6. Avatar

    What happens when the Democrats run out on the street yapping but catch the car?

  7. Avatar

    Right away he has a conflict of interest due to his son investigating trump using their law firm . 😱😱😱

  8. Avatar

    The Penguin aught to be pulled from his perch by his beak and dragged out of Congress to be tossed to the gutter where he belongs.

  9. Avatar

    Heads must roll before we move on

  10. Avatar

    Why is no one talking about how this was a fake investigation from the beginning. The dossier wasn't verified. That means fruit if the poiusones tree

  11. Avatar

    You would think maybe Democrats would start seeing behind the curtain yet….but no just add blind as ever. The last 3 years is both sides showing what happens when a " outsider" gets in the White House.

  12. Avatar

    So logical and clear the arguments presented by Republicans but the Democrat side, well, whole different story. Democrats blinded by hate.

  13. Avatar

    This guy should be the speaker not Nadler ->>> Future Speaker of the house!

  14. Avatar

    Republicans subpoenaed Trump Jr. Let that sink in.

  15. Avatar

    I live in New York. I Have seen Nadler personally and generally know his career. He is mostly a complete idiot. At best he would be Ok in a city council position but he never was US Congress Material.

  16. Avatar

    B c of Trump and his family and team and those republican congress members and senators we were finally able to buy our forever home..

  17. Avatar

    Well that's something stupid the democrats can show what they can do if they put one mind together. 😐like who give a dam. Barr is going to do his job and make their beds so they can lie in them.

  18. Avatar

    MrEbh- What's even worse than what you commented is that we, the American people, have come to expect congress to do nothing even close to what they were elected to do, meaning representing our citizens. They were elected/hired to negotiate with each other and write bills together and debate those bills "with" each other, but now all bills are either republican-written or democrat-written and are voted on according to party lines so nothing passes without lies and deceit, like the ACA.

  19. Avatar

    Over 90% of the problems we have in our nation are the direct result of the US congress and its unwillingness to do anything for anyone, but themselves. You want new infrastructure, a better healthcare plan, an end to illegal immigration, a secure border, and better lives for yourselves and a better future for you children? Well, the US congress could do ALL of these things "if" they would work together like they are supposed to do, but what do we get from them- endless name calling, partisan politics, bills passed on the people which they have excluded themselves from obeying, and a wide array of other actions that no one would accept from their own children or friends. What's worse is that "we pay them and they still don't care about us".

  20. Avatar

    A lot of what is going on is the fault of the republicans in congress who are refusing to stand up. If Lindsey Graham hadn't "stood up" and blasted his own party members Kavanaugh probably wouldn't have been confirmed. If John McCain had been around for that vote he would have voted against Kavanaugh just to screw Trump like he did when he voted against repealing Obamacare even though that is what his whole party ran on.

  21. Avatar

    He is talking into two microphones and yet I can't but barely hear him and sometimes not at all. When he talks low I can't hear him at all. My mic's are up as high as they will go.

  22. Avatar

    If I didn't know better, I'd swear that the Dems were muffling his voice…they aren't are they? But it is irritating.

  23. Avatar

    Because Nadler is an illiterate…

  24. Avatar

    He is so out of his mind, it might be his brains after losing 200 pounds a few years ago, he needs to go away and stay away Now!

  25. Avatar

    If they want to talk about constitutional crisis and they are standing up for the Constitution I think history has shown that the Democrats are constantly trying to change the Constitution.

    Look at them with the Second Amendment.

    I think Republicans Care-A-Lot more about the Constitution then the Democrat Party I know I do.

  26. Avatar

    Nadler and crew wants to fiddle with the Mueller report results, while our southern border BURNS!
    Wanting Trump's tax returns is just another tantrum excuse, without lawful cause.

  27. Avatar

    Will somebody tell me what Russian collusion even means? Did the Russians hack our voting machines or something? Is it because he was simply talking with Putin during the campaign? What are their claims against Trump besides generic claims that he was somehow working with Putin?

  28. Avatar

    I’m crushing hard on Kevin McCarthy!!

  29. Avatar

    Wondering which asshat goes to jail first…Donny or the Chump in the Whitehouse. OVER 800 Prosecutors signed a letter that Mr. Trump ought to be indicted per the Mueller report. So post election he will go to jail and join his son.

  30. Avatar

    @FOXNEWS PLEASE have them turn up the MIC WHEN RECORDING! Especially if your the ONLY CHANNEL showing the event, speach or conference!

  31. Avatar

    Dear. God. I. Pray. I. Never. See. A. One. World. Goverment!!!! I. Sent. My. First. Born into. War. To. Fight. For. Our. Freedom! !!

  32. Avatar

    The. Democratic. Party. Is. Dead. Forever. It's. Now. A. Radical. Socialist. Party!!!!!! O. M. G.

  33. Avatar

    The ignorance/ stupidity of the Democrat Totalitarian Congressional members–Noodle-brain Nadler, $Mad Maxine Waters, Kama "hore Harris, Nancy "El Chapo" Pelo$i, $Diane "China spy" Feinstein, Adam $oros $chiff, Statutory rapist Schumer-is overwhelming.

  34. Avatar

    Nadler is a freaking moron and an UGLY POShiff.

  35. Avatar

    Fox News retrain your audio guy it definitely doesn't know what he's doing because the first 25 seconds of what he said you couldn't even hear on the internet

  36. Avatar

    It's still obvious to me the audio guy does not know what he's doing because it's still going up and down I know the McCarthy has a hard time speaking up but he should be able to keep playing with the controls to keep the audio range in a possible hearing so you can hear it I know I can do that with a little cheap tape recorder and he's probably got very expensive equipment so and I'm not quote-unquote and audio specialist and I can do it

  37. Avatar

    All the liberal minded people need to wake up, before it’s too late.

  38. Avatar

    McCarthy is lower wattage – Jim Jordan could do it – Kevin McCarthy not so much.

  39. Avatar

    These people are a disgrace to this country—-and a embarrassment to me as a AMERICAN. Wanting to see our AG. break the law. Oh that's right they are used to that The DEMOCRAT PARTY always break the law–then it has to be cleaned up. It is Nadler's son in NY bringing all these law suits——-is that not wrong. Not to the Democrat party. But if you breathed the same air of a Republican you should be in jail according to them——They are insane.

  40. Avatar

    Here is a great Idea for Infrastructure. Give all business the incentive to spend. Let them take a dollar from their Tax Burden for every Dollar they spend. If a business spends $100 Million in new roads ect. Then let them deduct $100 Million from their taxes.

  41. Avatar

    This nation is in a crisis, but because of the left/Democrat leaders and media who have committed treason. They are destroying our nation.

  42. Avatar

    Audio is crap. Even with headphones I can barely hear.

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