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House GOP leader: Trump bears responsibility for attack on Congress

Speaking at the House impeachment proceedings, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) says that the US Capitol riot was not caused by Antifa and that President Donald Trump “bears responsibility for the attack on Congress by mob rioters.”

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    It’s best to hit mute when Kevin is speaking. You won’t lose brain cells.

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    This is some gaslighting bullshit.

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    This is literally a "talk the talk but don't walk the walk" speech. All just empty words. Pathetic.

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    Uh oh. Trumps hillbilly supporters are gonna be upset.

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    Another fake conservative giving us the finger on his way out of office.

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    Can u give a shout out to lake Andes school

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    XXII Elhazaroth Pagangrinder LXXXVIII

    By this logic Nancy Pelosi and Maxine waters are just as responsible.

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    he's sickening

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    Trump: Nobody knows impeachment better than me, believe me!!

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    Two Faced Double Trouble Talks Rubbish After The Deed Has Been done. Republicans stand for Filthy Rich Racists. PERIOD

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    Further divide.??..the country is already divided buddy..you guys watched your crazy ass leader divide it for four yes..
    Now like a good Christian you all want peace and forgiveness…phfff

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    I have tanks on the ready down at the square if any Trumpers mainly peaceful protest again on Inauguration Day.

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    Fun Fact for the real racists: Joe Biden picked Kristen Clarke to run the DOJ's civil rights division and she said melanin makes blacks physically, mentally and spiritually superior to whites.

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    The GOP told these insurgent terrorists to attack the capital and now they are in shock ?

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    You only serve yourself! You do not care about what is right, but what is good for you!

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    Waste of carbon Rep. Kevin McCarthy..

    Sit down, shut up, and learn something about what the CITIZENS of this country NEED, not what your fellow Seditionists and Insurrectionists FANTASIZE about.

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    GOP at it again enabling Trump justice needs to be done

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    Was there a crime committed? Y N? It's very simple.

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    What’s the matter Republicans… You can’t sell bloodlust? Now you want unity? What took you so long… Dead cops? Your lives on the line? Traitors. Do your duty.

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    Spare us your faux outrage. This is all on you.

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    Xi Jinping…tear down that wall. C'mon China man!

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    Trump impeached twice. Greatest president in history at getting impeached. The Abraham Lincoln of getting impeached (he loves comparing himself to Lincoln) HUGE

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    If they wanted healing and unity, they should have done something when this was all building up, not after. Now's time for accountability. The members of this party are trying to wash their personal reputation now that they are seen as those who allowed, tolerated and for many supported that crime. This rhetoric is just plunging the American society in a loss of confidence in politicians and cynicism. Republicans who respect their oath to the constitution, who have the courage to hold the responsibilities for which they were elected, will fight for truth, justice and liberty. They will demand the impeachment of Trump and insure to make him accountable to the American people for his lies, his manipulation, his criminal actions against them and their institutions.
    As I count the Republican yeas on my screen, it confirms the values by which these people abide. Over the past four years, we have seen the USA collapse and become a World model for greed, lies, nepotism, bribery, etc. supporter and defended by Republicans. This is quite sad, quite sad for all those who still aspire that their country could be a model to the world.

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    Everyone involved with the votes said it was the soundest election ever, even Republican judges he hand picked said dude I'm not breaking the law for you. You need evidence man! Not just your word! You followers are way too tribal. trump sucked the American right out of you all. 🤣 Half of those rioters were old men and they sent in their women first to get shot. 🤣😂

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    Blah, blah. Blah.mccarthy you just said the mob violence was wrong and trump bears responsibility.

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    Remember posing with a bible after having the military route out protesters who didn't storm the Capitol? Where was the military now? Trump wouldn't call them despite being asked 6 times? He is a want to be dictator fck him.

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    just wondering what he would say after he been attacked.. if things where aound..

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    McCarthy makes me wanna puke. Spare us your righteousness.

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