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House Democrats announce next steps in Trump impeachment inquiry | USA TODAY

House Democrats expected to release draft articles of impeachment
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House Democrats were expected to release draft articles of impeachment Tuesday against President Donald Trump, culminating what Republicans have called a partisan and unfair inquiry.

The articles are expected to deal with Trump pressing Ukraine to investigate his political rival, former Vice President Joe Biden, while withholding a White House meeting and $391 million in military aid.

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But Trump has said he was justified in fighting corruption in Ukraine. Congressional Republicans have defended Trump as having the authority to set foreign policy. Trump has dismissed the impeachment inquiry as a partisan “witch hunt.”

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  1. Avatar

    Attempting to overturn a Federal Election – sounds like TREASON to me……

  2. Avatar

    We the people cannot allow these scoundrels to go on polluting our government each and every one of them believes their own lies can't get over how great our president really is bunch of bitter old politicians Trump's 2020

  3. Avatar

    Dems have sealed their fate. Trump 2020

  4. Avatar

    The President will NOT be impeached. And they KNOW it. Just a clown show for the fake news media and useful idiots.

  5. Avatar

    What a joke! What happened to the Quid Pro Quo they’ve been talking about for months???? Oh that’s right, that’s what Biden did. 🤦🏽‍♂️

  6. Avatar

    I will NEVER EVER vote for another Democrat ever again! Goodbye Democrat Plantation! This is everything against what the USA stands for. In America you are supposed to be INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY. I watched and listened to the entire hearing, and all they gave were presumptions, opinions, and bias. There were no facts. Welcome to Communism, you fools!!! 😡😡😡

  7. Avatar

    Democrats just dug their own graves! The trial will go to the Senate. You need 67 to pass. It also means republicans can being their own witness that have all the facts. They are going to have all their real crimes brought out in the open. These people are stupid!

  8. Avatar

    Nutty Nancy The Roman Catholic And The Curios Case of The U.S. Constitution

  9. Avatar

    We should all demand to get our tax dollars back, and make these politicians pay for these investigations themselves! What a shyte show! We pay them close to $200,000 per year and this is what we get???!!! I will never vote for a democrat ever again!

  10. Avatar

    Please, hurry up and get him out of our Whitehouse. He's horrible. It's like we are in a collective nightmare. I've never seen anyone twist words or deny the obvious like he does. It's actually pretty terrifying. The American people are counting on you.

  11. Avatar

    Trump does not serve the interests of the vulnerable, he works for the wealthy. He must go.

  12. Avatar

    the democrat are avil viscous yhey hate the president more then they love american

  13. Avatar

    Fools, they have been impeaching him since the night he was elected and Rachel Maddow cried

  14. Avatar

    Trump is my president! I will vote for him in 2020. The Democrats are mad because Hillary didn't win, and he's working to expose the corruption of the Biden's and Hillary Clinton, and Obama. Trump is standing up for our country, and I love him for it

  15. Avatar

    We are so proud to start to take down this country and looking forward to communism

  16. Avatar

    Dems won the mid terms, correcting the mistake of the 2016. Further correction will happen in 2020 when sanity will be returned to American politics.

  17. Avatar

    Trump supporters really need to wake up and consider the seriousness of your situation. Trump doesn't care about you, he is using you, manipulating you, wake up.

  18. Avatar

    Maxine Waters….. Why can’t we all just get along!

  19. Avatar

    All The white supremacists are in the comment section arguing for their racist leader Trump.

  20. Avatar

    I fully understand Trump supporters. In their minds, "saving" the white race is more significant than Trump damaging national security and violating his oath.

  21. Avatar

    Time to vote the lying house democrats out of office

  22. Avatar

    Please be the beginning of the end.

  23. Avatar

    Trump's son will advance from Baron to King of the US Empire

  24. Avatar

    Not sure if there ever such a time in which the split of the country was so evident. The height of this country's interior walls will always exceed those on its outside.

  25. Avatar

    The blind leading the blind. It's a solemn day!?…there loving it. There talking like there as white as snow in front of the American people. They talk about corruption!?. Desperate hypocrisy in terms of talking about that nobody is above the law. Shameful puppets for the real men with real power. Your a joke.

  26. Avatar

    Pelosi`s brain is so old and dried up she cant get her thoughts past her dentures without a mishap

  27. Avatar

    Trump's republican defenders need to stop talking about how the economy has vastly improved since Trump took office because what he's accused of has absolutely nothing to do what that, and they're extremely serious charges.
    But it shouldn't surprise anyone that a cocky, arrogant billionaire "businessman" turned "rookie" president with no political experience whatsoever got in over his head and got himself in trouble by trying to co-mingle his career craft, via a corrupt cocktail of decision making that violates the American constitution and jeopardizes the national security, corrupts the American election process, and damages the image of America abroad, with politics.


  28. Avatar

    Can Trump really be impeached if republicans have made it clear that they are not going along with it regardless?
    If not, this is a waste of time and taxpayer's money.


  29. Avatar

    Get your popcorn ready. Many Republicans never wanted Trump to get elected. They may see this as an opportunity to end all the drama and distance themselves from it. Pence would make himself out to be the reliable and calm Republican option. Where would Trumptards vote after all? They're not going to vote Dem, so Pence has their votes no matter what. What he needs is to bring reassurance with independent voters and he can do that. Will the GOP pick the security of the party over Trump? I think so. We will see soon……

  30. Avatar

    So sad. Tearing our country apart. They are forcing all Americans to take a side. These people are unscrupulous and should not be anywhere near our government. Please think long and hard before you vote them back into office from your districts/states. Dangerous people.

  31. Avatar

    TRUMP 2020 TRUMP 2020 TRUMP 2020 TRUMP 2020

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