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Hospitals under pressure again as Covid admissions rise sharply – BBC News

As coronavirus cases rise sharply, hospitals are once again under pressure throughout the UK and NHS staff are having to juggle competing demands.

Hospital admissions are still far below the peak in April but they have been rising, with more than 1,000 patients admitted every day.

Huw Edwards presents BBC News at Ten reporting by medical editor Fergus Walsh, cameraman Adam Walker and producer Nicki Stiastny from Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle.

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    Trump tweeted today it has a 99% survival rate but your not reporting that are you just pure propaganda filth. The hospital's are completely empty. Also not reporting the government lowered the status of COVID-19 on 19th march to less than influenza 👇https://www.gov.uk/guidance/high-consequence-infectious-diseases-hcid#status-of-covid-19

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    The presenters must see the bullshit they’re repeating off the autocue, all the while thinking: ‘I love my salary, I love my salary…’ Absolutely shameless.

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    Tony 'the phony' Blair

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    I though that's why they built the florence hospital and also done the same in Birmingham especially for covid 19 patients that way all covid patients are in a separate facility to other patients.

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    Coroner Virus ~ because only coroners "get it"…

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    Close to dying, but did not. Half the numbers., not as many dying. And this is now news? Give me a break. Enough. Its a bad cold, on top of a bad flu, on top of cancer, on top of heart disease. Yet fear is making idiots want to lockdown, lockdown, lockdown, throwing millions out of work. Stupidity.

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    Bbc aint fooling me neither is sky news… covid can't cover up your criminal mishandling of brexit… and rubbing it in about locking people down..bet you aint told the good news yet about the fact inflation in new year is gunna be astronomical… oh yeah not just taxes going up….so is everything else….nappies alcohol… you name it oh yeah just keep baffling people with pointless bullshit. YOUR a laughing stock bbc I think its about time you got shut down for good!

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    I love how they include March with the average daily deaths now. Excluding March and April, daily deaths average in the UK AND wales is 5 from May to now. Yes, 5. data is not lying.

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    Bbc please try to avoid using the same FOOTAGE from Italy to claim uk hospitals are overwhelmed as you used last time… Lol
    Everyone's waking up… Tick tock..

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    Still persistent scare mongering

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    I hope people believe BBC this situation is real. The most concern is ICU units will not be available for other serious cases of illness.

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    Where is the neuroscientist hiding?who’s unethical immoral and a criminal using frequencies to inflict manufactured artificial schizophrenia in a British man .What?” Here’s your antipsychotic drugs”.The victim had not got schizophrenia brain disease so the neuroscientist and who else chose torture not a end in 2007?
    This is real not fake not a conspiracy but a human rights crime.I want the neuroscientist arrested.

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    This didn’t wash the first time round it’s flu season

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    And your point is meant to be what BBC?

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    No pandemic can ever, or has ever ended by hiding in lock-down or behind a mask. Not possible, by the laws of biology, it will only prolong suffering and kill far more people in the long term.

    The absolute only update and/or conversation without political bias, using scare tactics and non-scientific data, must be exclusively about…

    Protecting the very small subset population of the most vulnerable, susceptible people who should take necessary precautions (focused protection) and allowing the virus to run its natural course.

    Allowing the infection to pass through the general healthy population, that effectively have almost a zero percent chance of serious infection and or long term effects. This is the Only way to completely neutralize the viral virulence. Prolonged isolation of the elderly or people in care homes is nothing less than inhumane and should be considered crimes against humanity.

    Naturally acquired Herd immunity is not an objective opinion or hypothesis, a theory, a strategy or a debate, it is biological law, like gravity or the laws of thermodynamics. Empirical biological law such as herd immunity is the absolute truth, it never changes, alters or wavers or is effected by political human agenda, it exists and occurs whether anyone believes in it or not!

    The strangest phenomenon to be witnessed in this century at such a colossal scale, is "Science Denialisim". (refusal to accept and ultimately deny, /even in the science community/ established fundamental, empirical science and facts.) Bluntly stated: ignorance perpetuates irrational fear, fueled primarily by the hyper hysterics of this internet era.

    There has never in history been an effective Cor/virus vaccine, caused by two fundamental factors, antigenic shift (mutation, generating virulence dilution) and acquired antibody immunity, that occurs far more rapidly than any vaccine can be developed, tested and globally distributed. In other words, any vaccines that are being developed right now as we speak, are already dated and ineffective.

    The high case counts with low casualty numbers are a normal predictable pattern of all Corona viral outbreaks. The virus has drastically weakened virulence from T-Cell antibody immune response to massive population infection spread and saturation, to the extent it becomes, to the vast majority, nothing more than another common cold like annoyance.

    Because the SARS-COV-2 virus is now at the epidemiological low level virulence classification, what is known in epidemiology as the pathogen endemic equilibrium phase. (viral stasis) All future focus should be towards (MPIE) mass population immunization by exposure, (herd immunity) from the healthy population, at as normal a rate as possible, in order to protect the most vulnerable health population.

    Any deviation from this narrative from the scientific community will only prolong the suffering and cost more lives to be lost. Instead of trying desperately to prove to the world that they were right, it is long overdue time for all scientists to admit consensus and follow the exact public health protocol that has been unspokenly used for every pandemic in modern history, whereas naturally acquired population immunity (herd immunity) is the principal driving force and Not in refute.






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    deaths for any reason after 28 days of a positive result??!?!

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    Bit of a piss take really as they let a film crew in a hospital where this so called dangerous virus is. But for the likes of me and you cant go and see any of our familys in there.. Just think about that for a second,

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    And what are 'Covid admissions'-admissions for any cause within 28 days of a sample testing positive for Sars Cov2('coronavirus')-pre Covid words but Covid neo meanings. And the same for mention of Covid 19 on death certificate deaths. No causal relationships only an infection of them.

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    Cure for depression vacation to Australasia 😁😁😁

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    The Nurses will be physically drained after all the dancing videos they done

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