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Hospitals in England record biggest rise in admissions for months – BBC News

Hospitals across England have recorded the biggest rise in admissions in a single day due to coronavirus since June.

It comes as council leaders and mayors in some of England’s biggest northern cities – including Leeds, Liverpool, Newcastle and Manchester – where new cases are rising sharply, have written to ministers warning that the current restrictions are not working. They are especially critical of the 10pm rule for pubs, clubs and restaurants.

New cases of the virus in the north of England have continued to rise despite local lockdown restrictions being imposed on millions of people. Cases in the south of England are relatively low in comparison.

The rate of Coronavirus infections in the UK has almost doubled in a week.

Huw Edwards presents BBC News at Ten reporting by Dan Johnson in Manchester, medical editor Fergus Walsh and health correspondent Sophie Hutchinson.

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  1. Avatar

    All lies man! Trump himself says its just a flu/cold hes out of hospital
    in 4 days and he's in his 70's! Does'nt matter what drugs hes on. Also
    many people have a brain of there own. My friends mum works in a
    hospital in the uk and its empty they just want the rich richer and poor
    poorer they want the gap bigger. All the people including children
    being brain washed with masks on and also on this phone app it is
    ridiculous being tracked, spied on and monitored 24/7 by the employers
    of all governments (The Elite) who are also behind hollywoods sick
    discusting mess the manipulation of all social media platforms and all
    the previous and current riots/protests. They are warming up for the
    future of control world wide in the years to come. This is the reason
    why the iphone and social media were created in the first place years
    ago to suck people in brianwash and prepare them for this exact moment
    in history. The more people that keep wearing masks now the sooner it
    will happen. I have spoken ; ).

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    soldier of ALLAH Pakistan

    No social living because that's how they will divide people now.
    They used tactics to divide people first by nations race religion and now the next step is to divide the people of each country within themselves only fools cant see this and those who see like me alas do nothing about it or we are to much divided that we cannot do anything against there evil plans

  3. Avatar

    Can we really trust what they are saying???

  4. Avatar

    Can you sue the government for false imprisonment and knowingly putting you at risk of exposing you to a deadly pandemic?

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    Bullshit there is no virus people just go to work

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    Fake 7billion BBC. THIS IS A FAKE VIRUS. BBC stop ….. THIS bull shit.

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    University should have been online this year. It was obvious. Campuses & Halls of residence are germ ridden pessary dishes at the best of times, nevermind during a Pandemic.

  9. Avatar

    There is no pandemic.
    Dr Vernon Coleman

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    Stop following the rules, don’t renew your TV License. Live your best lives people

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    Vladimir Olegovich

    I think it is "stock market statistics" effect – if measured every microsecond trends have no sense. Proper measurement will be obvious much later, like plague in London centuries ago – at first data was fine.

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    The BBC is an evil propaganda machine

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    You can get more info about me on my channel 😍💋 💝💖❤️

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    UK & USA even at the brink an pandemic & deaths also wants individual rights.
    How is it possible to control the Virus from spreading?

  15. Avatar

    My local hospitals are empty
    Stop bullshitting please

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    Hospitals are emptier than ever you liars ,no to cashless society, no to martial law in order to take all of our rights, definitely no to forced vaccinations….I'm a British citizen GET ME OUT OF HEEEEEEERE!! Bush tucka trual

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    Yeah and not a bloody thing to do with corona speciale

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    Helena Blair Yasmin Gilbert

    You can get more info about me on my channel 😍💋 💝💖❤️

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    Jesus Christ it's simple. Shut the country down for a month full stop. Get rid of it a start rebuilding. This fannying around that you are doing is just prolonging it and causing far more trouble than needed. Here in Beijing that's what happened and now guess what? We have a near as dam it normal life back. I‘m not a fan of the Chinese government but my god they've done a dam sight better job with this virus than my own country. Get a grip, shut down and get back to normal please because I would like to come home at some point before I die and you idiots are stopping it from happening.

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    It's because they went students into cities it's so clever lol 😂 were run like man utd 😂

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    Government directives fail because the government is inept, but also in large part from recalcitrant and selfish people in denial. The same people that elected the government in the first place. So either way, this disastrous mess is the fault of the British people

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    Cue the second round of the
    "show hospitals"
    Where pneumonia patients WERE all moved to so the likes of Ross kemp, the BBC and sky news etc etc could film their
    "covid front line"
    Propaganda footage.
    The game is up…

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