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Hong Kong: violence erupts as protesters and riot police clash at airport

Violent clashes have broken out at Hong Kong airport as riot police arrived to disperse protesters. One officer drew a gun after being beaten by demonstrators, but no shots were fired. Earlier, Hong Kong’s airport authority suspended flights for a second day after thousands staged a rally at the international transport hub

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    No worse than what we saw in Catalonia where EU thugs beat women and the elderly.

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    The police officer hesitated and was then beaten by rioters. Yet western media are still trying to portrait how "organized" rioters are.

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    That's a riot not a protest. Silly Guardian.

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    How come the police pulled out the gun and pointed at the protesters? Those protesters don't have any fatal weapons on hand to threaten his life in immediate danger. What if his gun back fire or if he pulls the trigger mistakenly or at nerve? A precious life will be lost in the process. This guy is unfit to be a police officer.

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    Today, Hong Kong airport protesters surrounded a mainland Chinese tourist for two hours, causing tourists to stun and preventing police from entering the scene and preventing ambulances from going to the rescue. These news are not reported by a Western media.

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    Just a few weeks ago, no protestor would intervene if they saw HK police towering over a protestor. Now, after they've seen all the assaults, all the backstabbing, there is no trust left. HK police are puppets of the CCP.

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    These are disgusting terrorists and should be arrested

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    She wasn't even wearing a black t-shirt ie maybe not a protestor, she was blinded by pepper spray (right arm covering her eyes) then the lone wolf policeman went ahead to subdue her.

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    If this happens in the US hundred shots were fired

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    That guy who defended her from the cop is my new hero. From Tianamen to Hong Kong, the chinese people don't like being stepped over. Much love from Panama hope you get to protect your freedoms without beign subjected to needless violence.

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    India support Hong Kong right for democracy and human rights. 🇮🇳❤️

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    One officer drew a gun after being beaten by demonstrators, but no shots were fired

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    what the hell is wrong with these cops how could anyone in their right mind do this to the people?

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    Please see a video on my channel showing the protestors chasing down and attacking a defenceless elderly man. These sort of incidents happen everyday to innocent Hong Kong citizens.

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    Westeners should stfu and not judge the protesters – these are young people fighting for their future. For freedom and democracy.

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