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Hong Kong protests: Why people are taking to the streets – BBC News

A proposed extradition law in Hong Kong has resulted in some of the largest protests seen in Hong Kong.
The BBC’s Helier Cheung explains why this bill is proving so controversial and how it could have an impact outside of Asia.

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    I fear for the people of Hong Kong 🇭🇰 Carrie Lam seems to be a puppet for Beijing. I send solidarity to the freedom fighters!✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽

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    But how can this be?
    China numba wan don't you know?
    Chinese people are soulless ants,zombified by the CCP.

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    We the Indians express soliderity with the common people of Hong Kong

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    China owns everything anyway. Welcome new overlords!

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    American meddling hard at work in Hong Kong. They tried to take Crimea from Russia, and now America wants Hong Kong a part of its empire.

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    With all respect to the people of Hong Kong, their city was seized originally by Britain and then returned. It is a part of China. What would our position be if the Isle of Wight had been seized by China and the Wighters now preferred not to be extradited to England for crimes committed like saying rude things on Twitter or "let's riot" on Facebook, both of which are considered offences for which an individual can and has been imprisoned in England? Google it if you don't think that could happen in England.

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    Julien Assange is rotting in Belmarsh awaiting extradition to the Empire with the full support of the Western media.

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    propaganda of US, hypocrisy, dont you even know US extradite people from all over the world, charging them for terrorism, torturing the like anal feeding, did you think those people got fair trial,?

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    more strict law are needed for you guys、whatever you do everyone knows this is unstoppable,

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    Go back to your motherland, bananas

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    Hongkongers fear that their fate might end up like Tibet and Xinjiang. May democracy prevail in China!

    I'm typing this while using Huawei btw

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    Support HK people fighting against the abhorrent Extradition from HK to Feudal China!

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    That some people doesn't understand why everyone is in.the STREETS fighting for freedom….

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    Beijing looks like to never let off on hong kong..

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    We have protests over in the uk too against a facist regime called the tv license. It takes money from pensioners and gives it to Gary lineker.

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    Good for them now <<< FREE ASSANGE

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