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Hong Kong protests: Dozens arrested as police curtail demonstrations on China's National Day

Hong Kong riot police patrolling the route of a banned anti-government march arrested dozens of people on Thursday, stopping crowds from gathering as Chief Executive Carrie Lam hailed the city’s “return to stability” at China’s national day celebrations.

Police were seen rounding up more than 50 people downtown and binding their wrists before putting them on buses.

Protesters had wanted to march against Beijing’s imposition of a sweeping national security law on June 30 and demand the return of 12 Hong Kong people who were arrested at sea by Chinese authorities in August as they tried to reach self-ruled Taiwan.

Police had banned the protest, citing coronavirus-related restrictions on group gatherings and violence that had taken place at previous marches.

Anti-government protests, which often turned violent in 2019, have been smaller and fewer this year due to coronavirus restrictions on group gatherings and fears of arrest under the new security law.

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    1:20 I quit my job thanks to, p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m

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    Caravan Darkness

    Looks like Demacrats arresting Republicans

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    Defund police. Canada doesn’t need police either like hongkong.

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    홍콩 힘내라….

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    Soumya Sebastian

    This is the same thing happening in India also

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    Shame on you Chinese government. You are hated throughout the world.

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    Hk has no freedom now under national security law

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    We cannot afford to have a pro Beijing government here in Canada, or any media or newspaper

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    This is the reason why covid started in the first place. To get people off the street and to silence them.

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    Hong Kong protests = good, Victoria protests = bad. How does it make any sense?

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    And the global communist lovers and state media ghouls support the wicked Communist Chinese dictatorship, of course the most admired despot country in the world, and of course their boss, Trudeaus’ basic favourite!

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    Sadly Asian lives don't matter to all the virtue signaling lefties. Will NBA ever say something about this? lol

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    I don’t think most of westerners will know who is planning and leading these protests. It’s CIA and the US Congress.

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    Those stupud kids just thought they are upper china men. They are brainwashed by Western medias. they hate themselves to be Chinese. So they are just blaming their parents why you are not white.

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    Did you ever notice 90% of these protestors are students. Their minds are easy. Easy to be washed, easy to be controlled. Easy to be fooled. If I were the CIA I ll pick the same group.

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    0:47 I stopped my job because of, p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m

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    Carmine Lupertazzi

    The yellow menace

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    To the people of China and Hong Kong we stand with you against authoritarianism and totalitarianism one struggle one human family black Bloc solidarity!!

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    1950: "In 2020 we are going to have flying cars!"

    2020: "How to wash your hands."

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    Woah, all those brave people risking arrest and jail under the new law!

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    Finally. Do u see no burning buildings? No smashed windows? Subway stations running? Businesses are open? People are back to work? HK is becoming peaceful again. Arrest all of them, they are subversives and pawns of the CIA. One China!

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    I’m not Chinese, I don’t live in China, I have no business to give my opinion on foreign affairs…

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    how umm 'admirable' eh

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    Were any of the 271,000+ Canadian citizens there, amongst those arrested?

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    Vicarious Witness

    Seems like the Chinese people in Taiwan run their civilization much better than the CCP run their civilization over there on the mainland.. logic says that the Chinese civilization including Mainland China would be better off if Taiwanese officials were enlisted to run the Chinese mainland.

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    Freedom for Hong Kong!!

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    What the hell is going on in the comment sections with this paidtobehome thing? And so many CCP shills around.

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