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Hong Kong protesters gather ahead of extradition bill vote

Government officials in Hong Kong are bracing for a showdown as protesters and police face off ahead of Wednesday’s debate over changes allowing extradition to the Chinese mainland. Hundreds of protesters have gathered outside the Legislative Council building, with police officers in riot gear stationed in the area. Police have closed off streets in the surrounding area amid online calls for protesters to gather and show their opposition. Local media reports said thousands of additional officers were being mobilised to keep order.

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    Yellow Vest protests go unremarked while pro-Trump rallies in Hong Kong are full of those 'freedom fighters', as the media liked to call Syrian terrorists.

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    The most stupid protest in history…
    How small their brains 🧠 are?…
    Very tiny!…🗣🖕👀

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    There was a time that i actually looked up to the Chinese Culture and that timeline exists hundereds of years ago. They where a more wholistic people now such people are fragmented , loss the guidence they had once breifly obtained. They have high levels of air pollution , the place that valued nature ever so has now become a disasterous place for the human being. People of China need to see the urgency of the problems that face man kind today , all of us really need to but we are so caught up in our own problems we don't question or give energy to humanitarian problems that face us as a whole , the reason and root of why we have many of these problems that arise in daily life today.

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    They want to save criminals …..

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    Hong Kong should be independent. China should be divided to like 30 countries.

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    Hong Kong has already been freed from foreign domination brought on by the British desire to sell opium to the Chinese. Now, fortunately, American drug companies sell it to Americans.

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    'Some of the individual American opium smugglers included the great-grandfather of US President Franklin D. Roosevelt and ancestors of the former US Secretary of State John Forbes Kerry'.

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    China must be planning to net a mass relocation of Hong Kong political dissidents, if they're bothering to disguise it as a legal process?

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    HK police should get double pay today

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    This protest is RIDICULOUS!Hong Kong can Extradition criminal to UK or US,Why can't Extradition to China mainland? really don't understand…

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    If you really want to know what's going on in this world and want hope and assurance then please subscribe to this channel dockidds on you tube please spread this channel to others so they can see it too.

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    Let's cause these protests every week in China this is the best kind of entertainment ever for Americans that hate the Chinese !!!

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    I can't wait for Trump's first tweet on the situation. China has a decreasing need to placate America.

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    Chinese war machine on the way to kill this democracy as they did not long ago that opened up doors for global trade agreements and looted the world

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    The people of Hong Kong are protesting against the proposed new law, which is to formally sign an extradition treaty with China to expel fugitives from Hong Kong to the mainland. Civil rights activists say that even if they are not in China, potential innocent individuals or those who want to be imprisoned on the mainland will be exposed to Chinese prisons and persecution. Given China's human rights record, even the situation of Hong Kong booksellers, this looks like a law that is really abused by China The protest march involving more than one million people is Hong Kong's efforts to express the feeling that this law will become a bad law known to the government. The government's interpretation of this new law is that only the most serious offenders need to face being sent back to China. But the fact remains that Hong Kong is China's territory and a "special administrative region." It has been more than 25 years since the UK returned control of Hong Kong to China. The current Chief Executive Officer of Hong Kong is appointed by China. Almost all Hong Kong government legislators are elected by Hong Kong people, not by Hong Kong people. Therefore, this new bill is likely to become law. However, for Hong Kong's democracy today, Hong Kong people need to protest it anyway.

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    Hong Kong has never ever been a democracy. And it was for most of its history under foreign domination. They may have gained a taste however for such arrangements.

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    Once there is an extradition law, CCP would twist all the clauses to their advantage, they have a long history of doing that. Carrie Lam, the Chief Executive of Hongkong, is so eager to please her Beijing master, instead of protecting the people, Lam would even do more than those demanded by Beijing.

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    Who believe Hong Kong is can saved and hopeful?😢😢

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    Hong Kong haven't hope😞😞😞😞😞😞😔😔

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    No wonder there are so many Chinese immigrants coming to California…there getting pushed out by their own country!

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    Fish bowl full of fish heads not sure really rice bowl fish sauce 😐

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    You keep up the pressure. This should happen in the UK.

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    (River Guile) I Am 1 Of 3, Supreme Greats.

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    That's 78% Of The Population.Matched By A 12% False Safe Leaving 35% Differential.

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