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Hong Kong protesters facing prison after being shot by police – BBC News

Hong Kong has seen more than 1,000 underage protesters arrested since the outbreak of mass anti-government protests in 2019.

Close to 700 have been charged with rioting.

Danny Vincent spoke to two students shot by live rounds at point blank range who are now facing trial.

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    First of all, I apologetically oppose that they describe themselves as "innocent people". From the videos, these two protesters were seen attacking the anti~riot police officers with holding weapons. The turbulent protester who was tragically shot in Tsuen Wan was seen holding a kind of dangerous weapon and running to the police officer quickly. I respectfully request that the BBC news or the CNN news should reveal the entire video clips from which this incomplete photos were abstracted.

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    Guys, HK protest are not protesting but rioting. They dont deserve support as they dont know understand how to treat others kindly. They only care about themselves.

  3. Avatar

    Extremist Government paramilitary groups shooting protesters, attacking them in the streets … that sounds like America.

  4. Avatar

    He is trying to grab the police gun!

  5. Avatar

    well..he was trying to grab police‘s gun, I think in the rest of the world the polices will do the same thing..

  6. Avatar

    Hong Kong Add Oil

  7. Avatar

    0:22 the guy in black with face mask was clearly trying to grab gun off police. The guy got what he deserved. He would have been shot dead with multiple rounds if he was facing a US cop.

  8. Avatar


  9. Avatar

    So many 50 cents speak for CCP, LOL

  10. Avatar
    Blaze WhiteHorseRider

    THANKS BBC for reporting and highlighting this crime, the police must be from mainland China or has gone nuts about shooting spree after playing GTA games.

  11. Avatar

    why's he not died? what sort of crap gun is that?

  12. Avatar

    I see the UK heading this way. Our government seems to have been taken over by the CCP …

  13. Avatar

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    Unfortunately, irritating a police officer during a riot who carries a gun is not a good idea. These protesters are troublemakers looking for attention. Should they be shot, no. If you look like you are reaching for the gun, expect to be shot.

  15. Avatar

    There is a risk in everything. So be prepared for the up and downs.

  16. Avatar

    Coming soon to our shores..

  17. Avatar

    True that you don't have weapons, also true that you were trying to take away the officer's weapon. Not one officer anywhere in this world would not fire that shot.

  18. Avatar

    I'm single 😥😥😥😥😥

  19. Avatar
    Zeal warrior Gaming

    Wouldn’t be surprised if he disappears, never to be seen again.

  20. Avatar

    Support. HK protesters are so brave.

  21. Avatar

    Unrepentant. They were provoking and attacking the police. If they were in America, they would have been shot several times. Everyone has to be accountable for what he has done. These young chaps had instigated violence. They did not protesting peacefully but rioting and causing inconvenience to the residents. Not only did they endangered their own lives, but also the many innocent people.

  22. Avatar

    Thanks for this interview, it was interesting!

  23. Avatar

    We'll stand with Hong Kong! Xijinping must go to hell!

  24. Avatar

    The bbc supports the Chinese communist regime. Defund the bbc.

  25. Avatar
    Mr K Lakhan ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    Atleast he's alive.. thoughfulshot?

  26. Avatar

    Hong Kong police is such a disgrace!

  27. Avatar

    The UK could use 7 million more USEFUL workers, only got randoms from none war zones sneaking in under the veil of "refugee", pretending they ARE from those warzones. Take the workforce from Hong Kong, and all China is left with is an empty shell.

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