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Hong Kong protest forces delay to extradition bill debate

Hong Kong authorities postponed debate on the controversial bill after tens of thousands of demonstrators surrounded the city’s legislature.…

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    shame on you Carrie Lam, the puppet

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    To put it bluntly, Taiwan independence and Hong Kong independence are like being born in a house rented to your parents in China for decades. Then you live very comfortable and don't want to return to the house.

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    Pop 7million over 1 million on the streets. Communist bullying. People do not want to be extracted at will to a country with ZERO human rights a history of gulags torture and organ harvesting of dissidents. Euro news sucks its not even news lite.

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    Talking of extradition <<< FREE ASSANGE

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    Piece by Piece until there's nothing left of democracy in Hong Kong.

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    Present Trump make Hong Kong democracy great again

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    Time for Europe to stand up with hong kong. Stop thinking about money and your economic status with china and grow some balls and do whats right. Stand up for people that want free rights and fair rights

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