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Hong Kong government offices close in worst violence in decades – BBC News

Protesters are angry about plans to allow extradition to mainland China.

In an attempt to prevent lawmakers from participating in the debate, activists blockaded main streets and tried to storm key government buildings demanding the bill be scrapped.

Police responded by firing tear gas and rubber bullets. to block them and get them to disperse.

Despite the widespread opposition, the government has not backed down.

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    Chinese public servents don't want to serve the public.

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    The road to freedom is always safeguard by its citizens. If the government wants to take it away then it’s the duty of every citizen to defend it. And that’s includes, if necessary, by force.

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    Haven't Forgotten BBC's lies and smear campaign against Tommy Robinson

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    In UK we just have a cup of tea and let governments ignore democracy. In France violence happens. In Hong Kong violence happens. In all other countries they recognise the government is not your friend.
    British apathy is astounding really.
    Good luck to Hong Kong.

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    Keralathilottu kurachu pere vidan para harthal enthannu padippichu kodthittu vidam Hong kongilekku

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    This is moment when One Country Two System loses its substance

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    Democracy need in whole Chinese continent

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    Hong kong citizen need some rocket launcher

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    Why is anyone suprised .has china kept 1 promise since they went to a dictatorship type communist goverment. Hong kong needs to break away like Taiwan. China will start WW3 just to spite other countries and make a name for themselves. To bad. At one time they were a great people.

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    Chinese Vs Chinese 👎🌞👎
    This is exactly what the CIA wants👎💀👎

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    I thought I wouldn’t be just as bad as the 2014 ones

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    Hong Kong should go King Kong on communist China

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    First movement, government didn't learn their lesson. And now we are here …

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    People of Hong Kong there is no freedom without bloodshed… it's time to fight against Communist China aka mass murder of Tiananmen Square protests

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    And the British government needs intervention in this problem. The Chinese government is ruining the international agreement with two countries. This is disrespectful Chinese government. There's no way to getting away the freedom once it was given.

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    Welcome to a glimpse of the planned EU federal dictatorship.

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    And this my friends is what a powerful Communist aka Socialist Society looks like.

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    Deng invented an anti-communist Communist Party so this is what anti-communism looks like.

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    So the BBC is OK with acid attacks ? Jo Brand suggests throwing 'battery acid' over people she does not agree with and the BBC is happy to give her a platform for her incitement . People have been horribly disfigured by these violent acts yet the BBC helps encourage it .

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    I hate how American media doesn't report on this. Its only "Trump this, Trump that, blah blah blah". This is a real issue and people need to know about the struggle the people of hong Kong are facing right now.

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    China disappears people … these people are terrified that their lives are being threatened by a dictator

  24. Avatar

    is it protest? or riot ? is it democratical society??

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    Keep fighting, CCP encroachment must be stopped!
    Do nothing or you'll suffer the same fate as the Uyghurs and Tibets!

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    Trump would have sent in the military by now, so thank God communists know some restraint.

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