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Hong Kong delays extradition debate but protesters want it scrapped

Tens of thousands of protesters and police in Hong Kong are facing off over changes that would allow extradition to the Chinese mainland. Hundreds of protesters gathered on Wednesday morning outside the Legislative Council building, where the debate over the bill was due to begin. Police closed off streets in the surrounding area amid online calls for protesters to gather and show their opposition. By late morning, with crowds continuing to swell, officials in the Legislative Council said they would delay the second reading of the bill ‘to a later date’.
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  1. Avatar

    Male Hong Kong British again 🇭🇰🇬🇧

  2. Avatar

    American meddling hard at work in Hong Kong. They tried to take Crimea from Russia, and now America wants Hong Kong a part of its empire.

  3. Avatar

    Julien Assange is rotting in Belmarsh awaiting extradition to the Empire with the full support of the Western media, including the Guardian.

  4. Avatar

    Spiderman just chilling along with the crowd

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    Don't just stand there, Spider-man! DO something!

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    Look like spider man is FAR FROM HOME.

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    This is the power of people. Support and pray for you all from New Zealand Chinese.

  9. Avatar

    Also, million of HongKong people decided to stay home against those protesters. I bet more than half of protesters didn't know what they were protesting about.

  10. Avatar

    If this continues, then the people in hong kong can't go to their occupational jobs and roles l 0-0

  11. Avatar

    I fear those bricks will be thrown

  12. Avatar

    They even got Spider Man to fight for the cause! No extradition to China! Protect democracy!

  13. Avatar

    Wei Wei turned up to prison to support Assange's fight against extradition, but the media only turns up to support the American empire and not freedom.

  14. Avatar

    Bruh then why the hell did they vote the politicians in office the first place. Guys, please note that mainland China did not request this extradition law. Hong Kong politicians did. Also, the extradition law only applies to serious crimes such as murder.

  15. Avatar

    I am afraid that they would make it a law eventually. Beijing is too powerful for that kind of protest, they are experienced, remember the 1989 Tiananmen massacre? Hongkong is the hope for Chinese ethnic peoples to get freedom. I hope they can hold on, I hope the U.S. could do something.

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    Spider-Man: everybody gets one.

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    America instructed Canada to arrest a Huawei executive in order to force her extradition to America, and so we arrive apparently at the opposite view in this case.

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    Time to fill some pot holes with a big steam roller…

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    Son….unless spiderman is real and you are him, don't…..

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    The RED CHINA is a rogue regime, thousands time more dangerous than North Korea.

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    I just received photos of Army trucks and tanks on the roads. saying it's in Hong Kong 🤔.???

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    Pro democracy people should pause for a second . I wouldn’t be surprised if CIA boys are behind the social media outrage and some of the mobilization . That’s clearly what they did in during the color revolution . Before you scream anti China, don’t dance to the empire’s USA) tune . Trust me empire is not a democracy 😂😂

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    Hong Kong citizens will go down in history. I'll cheer for you from afar.

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    hong kong people~ cheer up~~

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    Carrie Lam is de facto British citizens with family in UK, British government must stop her from oppressing Hongkong people.

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    Welcome to China Riot League.
    Final Match: China vs China
    Who will win this game!?

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    홍콩의 독립. 인권. 자유를 응원합니다.

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    Hong Kong is a city where you see half a millon protests in the CBD but you don't see one broken window on the street.

  30. Avatar

    China just finished a bridge that connect Hong Kong and mainland China so expecting some tanks rolling into Hong Kong soon.:(

  31. Avatar

    Tbh, I am from Hong Kong and live in Canada right now… Some most are paid to contribute to this

    "We have underestimated the people power"
    No, you have underestimated money power lady

  32. Avatar

    Hong Kong's independence of judicature must remain intact.

  33. Avatar

    Uyghur's today will be tomorrow of hongkong. Fight for freedom, o people of hongkong!

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    I truly support Hong Kong. Fight your right and freedom!
    From Korea!

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