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Hong Kong: British consulate staffer 'detained at China border' – BBC News

The UK Foreign Office has expressed concern over reports that a Hong Kong consulate employee has been detained at the Chinese border.

Media reports said Simon Cheng, who is thought to be from Hong Kong, is believed to have gone missing on 8 August.

An FCO statement said it was “seeking further information from authorities in Guangdong Province and Hong Kong”.

The British embassy in Beijing is providing support to the family.

An FCO spokesperson said: “We are concerned by reports that a member of our team has been detained while returning to Hong Kong from Shenzhen.”

Local outlet HKFP reports that Mr Cheng is a trade and investment officer at the Scottish Development International section of the consulate, and had travelled to a business event in Shenzhen on 8 August via the Lo Wu immigration control point.

His girlfriend told news site HK01 he had planned to travel home by train the same day, but did not return.

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  1. Avatar

    Those activists in this unlawful breaking in and occupation of the government building would have been labeled as rioters and be treated as such had HK still been under the British rule.

  2. Avatar

    The protesters claimed China could forcefully detain any (innocent) person without legal due process. WHERE’S THE PROOF? Canada’s been asked to extradite a NON-Canadian, innocent Huawei’s CEO to the US. Isn’t foreign forces instigate the riot for no other purpose than to poke China in the eye? The proposed extradition law is NO DIFFERENT than the ones between the US and all of its Five Eyes.

  3. Avatar

    The protesters FEAR China could forcefully detain any (innocent) person without legal due process. Where’s the PROOF? It’s like when someone says “I’m scared of crossing the road because a car MAY hit me”. Yes, people MAY or MAY NOT get hit by a car when crossing the road. Isn’t it a hypothesis made on the basis for reasoning WITHOUT any evidence and on assumption of its truth?

  4. Avatar

    Activists have every right to damage and block public places to protest against a law that protect law-abiding citizens and extradite criminals. But law-abiding citizens have NO right to enjoy their life and commute to work and to school.
    Do Hongkongers trying to say they have every right to harbour criminals whether they’re Chinese or Canadians?

  5. Avatar

    We call on the British government to face the needs of the majority of the Scottish people and respect their human rights and freedoms.
    We unwaveringly support Scottish independence.

  6. Avatar

    This is British games divide & rule🕵🏽‍♂️

  7. Avatar

    Good work China! Hang him!!!!!!

  8. Avatar


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  10. Avatar

    The official police complaint mechanism has a success rate of 0.09%. No one in Hong Kong trust this mechanism, therefore the requirement of an independent investigation.

  11. Avatar

    Well done! every country should learn from China, guest with evil intension should not be welcomed.

  12. Avatar

    Hong Kong Consulate is the perfect place for a Chinese speaking MI6 Agent!!!

  13. Avatar

    China is handling this situation very professionally. ….

  14. Avatar

    Went missing? Planing other protests perhaps:)what left of the great empire nothing but lies .

  15. Avatar

    PC women pushed into politics and power are screwing up the whole world

  16. Avatar

    Free Scotland !

    love from the People's Republic of China

  17. Avatar

    so the Chinese communist repression and control of the Tibetan people so that many Tibetans are exiled and left their homeland is considered. Mainland China has always been lousy and greedy, uncultured, what they have shown is not to raise the nation's spirit but like degrading thugs, and countless mainland people unintentionally That's it

  18. Avatar

    These protesting youngsters think they know everything about anything !!

  19. Avatar

    China is a communist country
    That says a lot
    Free Hong Kong

  20. Avatar

    First they came for the Tibetans and I did not speak out — because I was not a Tibetan!

      Then they came for the Uyghurs and I did not speak out— because I was not a Uyghur!

      Then they came for the Falun Gong and I did not speak out — because I was not a Falun Gong!

      Then they came for me — and there was no one left to speak for me.

      Stand united, stand strong Hongkongers, remain peaceful and never give up!

      Form your friends in Canada!

  21. Avatar

    the Chinese communists are like the audience and the people of Hong Kong are acting in the movies they watch.At first they wanted to pass the extradition bill, but they probably plotted two options. either the bill was passed or the Hong Kong people protested in addition to stirring up inside people to lead to violence that many people agreed with for the Chinese communists. and they have a reason to merge Hong Kong and abolish Hong Kong's democracy.because from the beginning until now, only Hong Kong people who have suffered the most in China but have not suffered anything, must recognize them as true as they have the traditions of the crafty merchant . as Taiwan is also Taiwanese, but they have their own army and regime so mainland China cannot oppress them.

  22. Avatar

    Why don't BBc show report on British occupied Scotland and Ireland

  23. Avatar

    Chineeese are busy freeing Kashmir 🙀look inside your home😳 you are about to loose Hong Kong. Don’t worry Pakistan will come for your rescue 😝😝😝😝

  24. Avatar

    MI6 agent detained,no surprise

  25. Avatar

    What about British army violating humans right in British occupied Scotland and Ireland , sexual harassment by British army to Irish women

  26. Avatar

    We will see what happens …how safetr in this world we all are…hong will be history for me to what might possibly happen in next 30 year in world.

  27. Avatar

    Carrie Lam’s refuses all demands from the Hong Kong people.  In the past two months, she is just a human tape recorder repeating herself over and over again.  It seems she is deaf and could not hear the voices of the Hong Kong people.

  28. Avatar

    Good job, now execute him for being a spy

  29. Avatar

    Here we go !
    BRITAIN 🇬🇧 will be threatening China now ?
    Then shit 💩 themselves and back down just like they did when they threatened Russia
    😆 😆 😆

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