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Hong Kong airline to cut thousands of jobs amid pandemic

Hong Kong’s Cathay Pacific has announced a major restructuring plan as it struggles to deal with travel restrictions and a big drop in demand caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

The airline had only recently began recovering from protests in Hong Kong that badly hit demand last year.

With international borders closed, the Hong Kong-based airline saw its passengers drop by nearly 82 percent in the first eight months of this year.

It will cut almost 6,000 positions and close down its regional airline, Cathay Dragon.

Al Jazeera’s Florence Looi reports from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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    This is the answer for those who doesnt believe in god absolute power. Send the smallest organism. Everything stop.

  2. Avatar
    Shahrulhanuar Md Aris

    Almost all the airlines in the world are facing problems, not only Cathay Pacific

  3. Avatar

    Tbh malaysia was going down before covid ever hit lol

  4. Avatar

    One of the best airline in my opinion

  5. Avatar

    Swedish firms ban Huawei ban

  6. Avatar

    The staff took the strike action to support HK riot last year. Right now, they can do it forever.

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    Today Asian airline industry people found out they are not immune to layoffs, and will indeed share in the pain the rest of the world is feeling. The global economy is spiraling into a deep recession/depression which no nation will escape, despite some being minimally affected atm.

  8. Avatar

    There goes the pilot shortage!

  9. Avatar

    This is an airline that differentiates English speaking and Chinese/Mandarin speaking customers. For years, English speaking and white-ish passengers get more courteous treatment. I am glad they are going down.thwre should be room for discrimination even if it's against your own race.They should just go bankrupt.

  10. Avatar
    Currentlylocated Nanjing.


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