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HONEY | How It’s Made

Ever wondered how honey is made? Get the full history and ‘making of’ right here!

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  1. Avatar

    Currently building a bee garden in my backyard to help save them.

  2. Avatar

    Normal bee keepers: puts on full hazmat suit and carefully removes honeycombs

    this dude: slaps on a thin rubber glove and squeezes the honey right out of the bees udder

  3. Avatar

    Bees need to unionize. Request paid holidays, medical leave, and health insurance. ☺️

  4. Avatar

    Honey is very best medicine I am homeopathic doctor my whatsapp number is +918650929695

  5. Avatar

    0:33 glucose and fucktose. Dude doesn’t know how to pronounce lol

  6. Avatar

    If you realy searching for the most organic and natural honey from Iranian mountains.I could provide it for you .

  7. Avatar

    This is so sweet OKAY I WILL LEAVE NOW 😂

  8. Avatar

    i truly love bees and their honey

  9. Avatar

    What is the shelf life of a glass jar of honey ?

  10. Avatar

    Missed the dilution step. That shit is liquidy af.

  11. Avatar

    Kinda ironic when you think about it, bees live for so long, being killed so the honey can be harvested by humans, but bees still do fine. Humans create a way for the bees to not be killed but the honey still be harvested, now the bees are going extinct, very strange.

  12. Avatar


  13. Avatar

    “Working as honey slaves to the white man!”

  14. Avatar

    The bees in this video are paid actors

  15. Avatar

    3:04 – can't stop looking at those dirty fingernails handling food 🙁

  16. Avatar

    All the creatures of earth are useful. No living creature on planet Earth are here by coincidence.

  17. Avatar

    God: So ummm who are all of you?

    Cockroach: I'm cockroach I clean shit

    Bee: my name is bee. I'm important to earth

    Wasp: my name is wasp and I like hurting people

  18. Avatar

    Barry Bee Benson has left the chat

  19. Avatar

    Those are our cousins
    Yes we’re all cousins
    😂( Bee Movie)

  20. Avatar

    …I thought, I'd watch a bee's interview. 😕

  21. Avatar

    Narrator: Honey Sack

    Me: H O N E Y S A C C

  22. Avatar

    These clips are so much better without that woman narrator.

  23. Avatar

    Cherry scented lid enters chat:

    Bees exit chat: 🐝

  24. Avatar

    Very very good explanation of how honey produced in modern days… Thanks discovery TV for such a great documentary

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  26. Avatar

    Winnie the Pooh wants to know your location

  27. Avatar

    stickier job than being a female pornstar

  28. Avatar

    Winnie the Pooh would’ve loved this place

  29. Avatar

    I'm gonna file a lawsuit against the bee keeper for steeling their honey

  30. Avatar

    And this is how you kill more bees than you do good making honey. There's more bee friendly ways to extract honey than this.

  31. Avatar

    It’s depressing to know that bees are going extinct because of our selfish ways.

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