Hilarious moment police busts illegal party and makes guests list Covid-19 lockdown rules

by News Update

This is the moment police find a group of drunk students hiding in an upstairs bedroom after raiding a Bristol house party which breached Covid rules, before making everyone sit down and list the Covid-19 lockdown restrictions.

Organisers were fined almost £5,000 after officers made embarrassed revellers reel off the current lockdown restrictions, which only allow get-togethers of six people, or two households, outside.

More than 15 guests attended the party, which was shut down by officers who told them their gathering ‘flies in the face of everything we’ve been doing as a nation for the past year’.

A group of six – who said they were celebrating a friend’s 20th birthday at the house – were fined £800 each for flouting Covid-19 laws.

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