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Hiker Speaks Out After Terrifying Cougar Chase On A Utah Mountain | NBC Nightly News

Kyle Burgess was hiking in Utah when a cougar began chasing, lunging and charging at him. Burgess recorded the nearly six minute encounter before he was able to scare the animal away with a rock.
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Hiker Speaks Out After Terrifying Cougar Chase On A Utah Mountain | NBC Nightly News

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  1. Avatar

    Him: "I don't feel like dying today"
    Is there a day that's good to die?
    He got a get out of death pass. Make some possitive life changes bro

  2. Avatar

    Almost 6 mins of video and throws a rock after 5 mins of walking backwards being followed by the thing and surrounded by rocks the whole path. Yeah ok .

  3. Avatar

    Cougar protecting her babies.. Don't be in the land of the wild. Without carrying a sense of respect for dwelling on their land. Run through a canyon with a sense of security, you've already disturbed the natural presence..

  4. Avatar

    She was playing with him and he took wrong ! lol

  5. Avatar

    Find another place to hike and get educated about how to behave in Mountain Lion habitat. I'm glad for the outcome of this hiker and hope he learned from this experience. Disturbing predators like mountain lions and bears with young is a very dangerous scenario.

  6. Avatar

    Thank goodness he stopped to film the cubs or he would have ran right into momma and the outcome would have been different.

  7. Avatar

    WTF you are in Utah and have no gun? At 1st I thought you were in California.

  8. Avatar

    That's the one Daniel was upset at in Life is Strange.

  9. Avatar

    He needed to change his diaper afterwards‼ 💯🤣😂

  10. Avatar

    That cougar's name is Kamala and she knows you're easy prey when you're unarmed.

  11. Avatar

    Honestly i feel like i could take on a cougar I'm just build different haha

  12. Avatar

    Who needs a gun when you've got nerves of steel like this guy ???

  13. Avatar

    Thats why i believe goin hiking walking trails you need to carry a weapon steel tht is.

  14. Avatar

    Who’s here from TikTok?

  15. Avatar

    Yall wanted them cougars to buy them ps5's for yall, then run when she want ya 😅

  16. Avatar

    This happened to me in WA state, while walking my dogs off the leash. TONS of cougars in the PACNW. Well…I threw shot professionally and had pitched for over 12yrs. The rock I threw hit the poor thing just above the side of the eye/temple, collapsed and had some type of convulsive fit, hope it was ok, but I think it thought it was going to get a free meal of canis domesticus that afternoon…not my puppies, no sir…

  17. Avatar

    I bet he wishes his best pal Scooby Doo was with him.

  18. Avatar

    Hay que bailar kulikitakata

  19. Avatar

    😭Dude went full Avatar! 🤣

    Glad all were able to walk away.

  20. Avatar

    Maybe more areas should be designated as nature parks and out of limits to most folks. Don't want folks get attacked by cougars or cougars shot

  21. Avatar

    Should have been threw something

  22. Avatar

    My horse walked up to a tall sage brush and began to shake uncontrollably. I never saw or smelled anything. I walked her the 10 miles back to the house. I knew she wanted to run and I was bareback and she would dump me and take off for home. She quit shaking about a quarter mile from home. I really thought it was a snake, but the old timers in the area said it was a marking post for a cat. The natural enemy of the zebra is the lion.

  23. Avatar

    A Young Hiker and A Cougar: It's not the climb, it's the distance. 💞

  24. Avatar

    Cougars are a real problem here. They've been seen prowling around bars and night clubs preying on innocent young men.

  25. Avatar

    Always carry a walking stick.

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