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Highlights From Trump And Biden’s Dueling Town Hall Events | NBC News

Watch highlights from President Trump and Joe Biden’s town hall events, which were simultaneously broadcast live on NBC and ABC, respectively.
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Highlights From Trump And Biden’s Dueling Town Hall Events | NBC News

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  1. Avatar

    #CROSSEDeyesTRUMP? WTF! a stupid looking adult. #GOOFYfacePRESIDENT

  2. Avatar
    Sir Robin of Camelot

    Emotional child badgers daddy

  3. Avatar

    One of them sounds like an actual president.

  4. Avatar

    @ Mrs. Z I don't care about whether Joe wants his children in the same schools I want great qualities loving professionals teachers teaching black students in rundown communities where ever mrs z oh mrs z racist whites want let me or blacks indigenous buy property in downtown small cities or beach houses so what trump's is not qualified to be a Republican president period stop playing up this anti blacks indigenous hatred hater lyingaholic a disgrace for the country get that.

  5. Avatar

    I don't watch NBC, CBS, ABC. They don't tell America people the TRUTH!!! She act like she was running for office-God Help Us NO!!!!!
    They don't ask Biden trouble questions like Burisma and NY Post Report because Biden can't handle it!!!!!!!!!
    If the Left don't want you to do interview then WHY DID YOU? SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!! I hope they Fire You!!!

  6. Avatar
    Jimbaran Residence

    Biden sound gentleman, the otherside, TRUMPET rampage all the way fighting for fire..

  7. Avatar
    Hugh VonNiederhausern

    The Town Hall Meetings a tremendous
    Americans got the opportunity to
    View other American Voters.
    President George Washington,
    President Thomas Jefferson,
    President John Adams,
    President James Madison
    They gave us the Freest Nation on Earth,
    They gave to Me, the Freedoms they never got to enjoy.
    Thank You Founding Fathers.
    Freedom was everything that you dreamed that it could be.
    Freedom from the King
    Freedom from the Oppressor
    Freedom from the Tyrant
    Freedom from the Fish and Game
    Freedom from the Forest Service
    Freedom from Poverty
    Freedom from the Ignorant
    Freedom to learn and study as you like
    Freedom from the book burners
    Freedom from the Inquisition
    Freedom to explore the Moon
    Freedom to speech and the Internet
    Freedom to worship God
    In God We Trust

  8. Avatar

    painting and sculpture by the artist Leo Adam. put likes, dislikes, subscribe / https://youtu.be/0QqwHxHSdMI

  9. Avatar

    Joe Biden can actually talk WITH people! Nice to see for a change.

  10. Avatar

    They didn't play forced immunization clip? Uhhhh that was a highlight for me .

  11. Avatar

    I did agree with TouchyFeelyFingersBiden!!! he is a lousy candidate for President!!!

  12. Avatar

    They where talking trump with useless questions they treated biden with better respect

  13. Avatar

    What is the Biden Deal to switch the lockdowns from Coronavirus to Climate Change?

  14. Avatar

    Here we go again Biden got interviewed trump got interrogated

  15. Avatar

    Warmongers vote for Biden

  16. Avatar

    Thumbnail shows Biden in a mask and Trump with no mask. Subtle, but calculated.

  17. Avatar

    re not someone's crazy uncle."
    I think Mary L. Trump would disagree…

  18. Avatar

    Im not American but I think President Trump deserve to have a 2nd term. I like his America First Policy.

  19. Avatar

    Man, Trump nailed it. He was so much more solid than Biden. Looking at Biden's face, I think he forgot where he was from time to time.

  20. Avatar

    The UNITED States of America. THAT'S our secret and THAT'S exactly why our enemies attempt to attack and undermine it.

    WAKE UP! 😡

  21. Avatar


  22. Avatar

    Thank you. Sw456 I I believe trump would not be president in so called third world countries this lyingaholic is drunken with talking points misinformation these country wil removed him uprooted Americans norms

  23. Avatar

    I like Joe Biden but I worry that a vote for him is a vote for Kamala Harris since he's older and may not live 4 years. And my problem with her is that I heard she wants to redo how the Supreme Court functions and I don't want people messing with checks and balances. However I'm not a fan of Trump either. so I'm probably going to end up sitting at home feeling guilty because I'm sitting at home.

  24. Avatar

    This is terrible

  25. Avatar

    “that was a retweet” i laughed so hard 😂

  26. Avatar

    George must have missed Savannah’s memo to be absolutely angry and unhinged.

  27. Avatar

    But Trump is someones crazy uncle, that's the problem. Now he is the crazy president. Craziest president in American history. Vote Biden 2020.

  28. Avatar

    Biden speaking about unifying the country. 🇺🇸

  29. Avatar

    Savannah is on FIRE! Lol!

  30. Avatar

    Biden/Harris 2020 let’s do it! 🇺🇸

  31. Avatar

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with Joe Biden. These clips of Joe Biden on his part show poise and intelligence with critical thinking skills.

  32. Avatar

    Did everyone enjoy the Trump Guthrie debate?

  33. Avatar

    Listening to Trump really brings down the IQ level.

  34. Avatar

    So many TRUMP TROLLERS here in the comments bashing Biden for being given softball easy questions, holding notes "cheat sheets" while given all the time to answer, vs Trump who was constantly interrupted and degrading Savannah. It's disgusting how mean the comments are to bring down Biden and even a woman in her profession for years. Well here's the truth, Biden came prepared unlike Trump. Biden made sure that his answers came from facts that he could refer to UNLIKE Trump who just blurted out whatever whimsical thoughts came from that mind of his. He was constantly interrupted because he had to kept being FACT CHECKED. To the lady in the back nodding the entire time, she literally kept nodding to every comment by Trump I started thinking if she was literally in every event of Trump's that she witnessed every thing to claim what he said is true. I wouldn't be surprised if his campaign made sure she sat in that very seat.

  35. Avatar

    15 minutes of listening to Biden’s Townhall; knowledge, policy, experience, ideas, thoughtfulness, clarity. 15 minutes of listening to trumps Townhall; blame, half truths, rambling, inexperience, ignorance. The differences are very clear.

  36. Avatar

    Joe Biden never answers a question, the guy is a Moron!!

  37. Avatar

    Stapholococus: "Joe, would you pack the court?"
    Joe: " "Depends"
    George: "Its too soon for a bathroom break Joe."

  38. Avatar

    NOT Watching GUTHRIE any more, She had Andrew WEISSMAN on promoting his book and didn't ask way he wiped his phone twice, left WING MSM

  39. Avatar

    Polonia in the US will vote for Trump

  40. Avatar

    I'm sorry but both got hardball Questions sorry fox news network can't spin that.🤔

  41. Avatar

    Joe Biden is the "Chosen One"

  42. Avatar

    How can you tell when TRUMP is lying ? Answer : When you see his mouth moving !

  43. Avatar

    As far I can see the reporter who interviewed Trump was very aggressive( definetly democrat) and the one for Biden was more softer .

  44. Avatar

    Nice to see Guthrie just shrieking at Trump. Compare that to Stephanopoulos being very calm with Biden.

  45. Avatar

    I don't think so

  46. Avatar

    No hard questions, no interruptions, a totally fake pro Biden broadcast.!!

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