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Hidden Purposes of 45 Everyday Things

Common objects hide secret purposes not many people know about. Look around – even in the comfort of your own home – you’ve got plenty of new things to discover! Being surrounded by so many products and services nowadays, we might not even think that they have unexpected features. Sometimes we even use many things in the wrong way, even though the designers actually planned something different for their inventions.

For example, the blue and red parts of the eraser aren’t for pen and pencil. The red side rubs the pencil particles out of the paper, while the blue side is stiffer and scrubs off a thin layer from the paper itself. Isn’t it exciting when ordinary things turn out to be completely unusual? Let’s look at 45 everyday things that have a hidden purpose!

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    Hey guys! What do you dip your French fries in? 🍟

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    1:10–1:19,i was suprised cause he used singapore coin,and singapore is where i was born

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    Jeremiah Bangert

    These r life hacks

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    Cutting aluminum foil or sandpaper? Cutting ANYTHING makes it duller.

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    Im too late to know this


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    Pro tip:

    watch every bright side video in 1.25x speed.

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    You almost have enough subs as Mrbeast

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    I know these also the bottle is dangerous

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    Lungchuipou Gonmei

    7:40 we're all not a bodybuilder

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    6:18 why you blur that?

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    Tbh people already knew half of these

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    The share of the McFlurry I thought it was a straw XD

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    1:15 what's that? Oh, it's a Singaporean ¢5. Finally-

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    Sundara Rao Nuthulapaty

    The colourful box on the tooth paste shows how acidic or basic it is

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    Magical things Of unknown シ

    WAITTTTTTTT THIS IS NEW I have been watching bright side forever I have never seen a video without a picture was drawing

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    the car one I already know you can pull it out and put it by pressing the button on the side

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    Kenan Davendra Arya

    I saw you used a coin from Singapore

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    I didn't notice it

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    iPhone: lags fo 00.1 seconds
    iPhone user: Well it's time to exchange the cash

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    I will keep commenting till I hit my dream 1K I’m poor and paralyzed

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    No one gonna talk about him saying spaghetti noodles? Is it just me that finds it weird?

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    How many people that didn't know that:

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    The converse shoe one isn't true

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    The hole at the pen cap is used to the ink so it won't be solidify and the ink still goes

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    They say to sharpen scissors cut sandpaper or tin foil, but it shows a knife, it doesn't work with a knife.

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    Sophie's Channel

    I dip my French fries in ketchup

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    the blue part of the rubber/eraser is actually for pencil if its been marked too hard or for wood when you have marked wrong it was never designed for pens

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    Thanks for this one

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    Isabella Quintero

    really worked.

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    Please do not do bottle trick👎🏽

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    Your videos are the best

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    Marc Lester Miranda

    The lines on the edges of the coin is also used for blind people. Each value have a different pattern so that blind people still determines money

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    5:16 The hole is for the air to enter not escape when pouring
    Gluging happens when the air enters from the same hole as the pouring liquid out due to pressure differences

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    2:55 The cuts on his hands explains it

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    wow Singapore new 5 cent coin noice.

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    why did u do that to my coin sir XD

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    Me: going crazy they used a 5cent singaporr coin

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    Its me Baby kata

    Let me just swallow my pen

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    Michaelangelo Jandoc

    Its helpful, thanks bright side!

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    『 ᴋ a s u ᴋ i_editz 』ッ

    I looked at my keyboard and saw those bumps

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    Kanade Tachibana

    That’s a tactical seat head

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    The holes in the shoes of Converse are there because those used to be basketball shoes and it would let there shoe breathe 2:05

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    And and it

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    6:19 The toothpastes are blurred coz they afraid of getting sued. BIG BRAIN.

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