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'Hey horsey!': Joe Marler's bizarre interview is an internet hit

England’s Rugby World Cup star, Joe Marler, has taken the internet by storm with a drawn-out metaphor about a horse during a pre-match interview. He began: ‘[The team] will be disappointed with the account that we put out but we have got another week to get back on the horse.’
Then things took a turn for the bizarre.
The popular bearded and mohicanned prop really got into character, imitating what the horse would sound like, were it able to talk – apparently with an Irish accent

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  1. Avatar

    Horse "I don't want to drink or swim. I want to dance💃💃💃."

  2. Avatar

    why did the horse have to speak

  3. Avatar

    slightly irish horse 😂😂😂😂

  4. Avatar

    You're a star Joe Marler! I expect a fringe show after rugby…

  5. Avatar

    His offer to do Strictly 2020 just went up by £35K

  6. Avatar

    As scripted as it could get

  7. Avatar

    He's blessed with the tism

  8. Avatar

    I'm Irish and haven't heard a horse speak with that accent but I'll take his word on it

  9. Avatar
    Aaron McGrattan

    Must have watched the Bross Documentary

  10. Avatar

    Marler channels Brent.

  11. Avatar

    I'd ask the horse why he had such a long face.

  12. Avatar

    Joe "Serial wiener grabber" Marler

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