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Hevrin Khalaf: Death of a peacemaker – BBC News

A BBC Arabic investigation has uncovered compelling evidence suggesting the Syrian-Kurdish political leader, Hevrin Khalaf, was executed by a faction of the Turkish-backed Syrian National Army.

Rebel group Ahrar al-Sharqiya, which fights for the SNA, is accused of her murder, but has told the BBC it is not responsible for the politician’s death.

But by speaking to members of Ahrar al-Sharqiya, as well as Hevrin Khalaf’s family, former colleagues and an eyewitness, plus using open source investigation tools, the BBC has discovered a different story about what happened on 12 October 2019.

The Turkish government, which backs the Syrian National Army, has not responded to BBC requests for comment.

Video produced by: Nader Ibrahim, Rosie Garthwaite and Mustafa Khalili. Graphics by Jasmine Bonshor.

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    We need a total cleansing of this world and hopefully the next set of people on this world will do a better job and have and show more love

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    Let love guide you, this world is being consumed by fear, hatred, vengeance, lust and greed.

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    If you want peace prepare for war
    Winsten Churchill

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    Alot of Crimes like this take place in Middle East, Third country like Vietnam, Malaysia. The corrupt elites who also hold the chief of military even directly kill Innocent people with no hesitation. Trump is the first one who have balls to kill Dictator like Solemanie who had open fire thousands of Iranian protester

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    Inallilahi wa inna ilaihi raji oon

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    More than 12 men against a female activist and her driver، what a shame.
    هل هذه هي الرجوله 12 مقاتلين ضد ناشطه وسائقها هل بهذه الطريقه انتم فخورين و سوف تاخذون بلد. كان من الاجدر تلبسون عبايات حين وتطلقون الرصاص على امرأة. الشريف بيكم فقط الذي كان يقول لا لا لا في الفيديو. شعب بابا يقدر ان يضرب ماما، هل هذا فخر؟

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    How can they say it was not them they are such awful liars they clearly killed her

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    Is it a not allowed to be asked why she was driving through a known warzone?

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