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Here’s Trump’s wildest election prediction

President Donald Trump loves to play pundit and make lots of predictions about his own political future. His wildest 2020 prediction, though, is that Republicans will take back the House of Representatives. In his latest episode of The Point, CNN’s Chris Cillizza explains why Trump’s big bet is a bust.


Our Forecast Thinks Democrats Will Keep The House … And Maybe Even Gain Seats

The 10 House districts most likely to flip two weeks from Election Day

Trump said he thinks GOP will win the House. Hear Pelosi’s response

Trump predicts GOP will win the House

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Producer: Allison Gordon
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Video Editor: Michelle Cho

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  1. Avatar

    Hey, Chris here. What are your wildest 2020 predictions?

  2. Avatar

    The name AT&T/ CNN can’t say Tony Bobulinski, shame no freedom.

  3. Avatar

    Poindexter here loves his P's doesn't he.

  4. Avatar

    My predictions? It will be a repeat of 2016

  5. Avatar

    Donald Trump is so far behind in the Polls! It reminds me of the night he won the Presidency

  6. Avatar

    Mr.Trump will make Biden spinning like a washer machine.🤔

  7. Avatar

    You do not see anything good about Pres Trump and all the Republicans because you are blinded by your leftist Democratic beliefs. Lets see after the elections.

  8. Avatar

    Let's remember Biden is a criminal and corrupt politician that has a priority of only lining his own pockets. Trump is the direct opposite.

  9. Avatar

    It was obvious Repubtards were stalling so Dump could announce "his" stimulus package is forthcoming after the election.

  10. Avatar

    American tragedy is not only that this monster was selected as the president but also there are so many fools believing all the lies he made up shamelessly!

  11. Avatar
    Pyntngenlang Lynshing

    vote for Biden,vote for Hell

  12. Avatar
    Robert B. AUSTRALIA.

    Trump needs to get of the Yellow Brick Road.

  13. Avatar
    Akash Guha Thakurata

    There's many pollsters who invest millions on exit polls only to give out falsehoods.

  14. Avatar

    Enjoy your take very much! Thank you.
    I'd like to weight in, and say er shouldn't rule out trump's over-confidance regarding not only HIS win, but also the Republikkkans increasing their Senate majority as well as retaking the House. I wouldn't put it past them to use widespread fraud to keep him in office, and to increase their choke-hold on the U.S. population by means of fascist politics.

  15. Avatar

    Senate races are the most important this election cycle for Dems.

  16. Avatar

    You liberals live in a fantasy land!!! As a republican never Trumper, I get that this guy has to go, but you liberals are so delusional about his chances. It's simple math, Trumper supporters out number the rest of us, he going to be re-elected…. I haven't heard the media discussing or even mentioning how easy and quick Trump has singularly taken down, what took hundreds of years to build. Maybe we were all delusional about our great democracy, our great republic…

  17. Avatar

    I'm very worried about the mental health of American voters who are still willing to vote for the crazy pumpkinhead.
    When Biden wins, science should move in and do proper work on them.

  18. Avatar

    The CCP will definitely become the scourge of the world including the United States in the future .
    But it's really regrettable that a lot of western politicians and leaders or someone with influence of various fields seem don't have taken notice of this yet , or it also can't rule out they might have been bought off , or even their dirty something and stuff had been gotten by the CCP .

  19. Avatar

    Biden is a criminal……There is clear proof. Not the phony Russia garbage the democrats invented. China owns Biden.

  20. Avatar

    Fake news fake polls🎃

  21. Avatar

    This man has turned this country around dem's hate that he drained the swamp. Now they have no place to hide

  22. Avatar

    Let's remember Trump has done more for the US than most Presidents before. Do you really want a corupt Biden politician???????

  23. Avatar

    Operation Hell On Earth goes into action and Trump, one way or another, will be POTUS again!!

  24. Avatar
    Pyntngenlang Lynshing

    His not a true christian not knowing Jesus

  25. Avatar


  26. Avatar

    Sorry , but like most Republicans that voted early , I voted STRAIGHT REPUBLICAN TICKET. we are tired of Pelosi and her gang !!! But good luck and remember that IF YOU DONT VOTE DONT COMPLAINE !!!

  27. Avatar

    you idiots in CNN never learn .. He is always ahead of your idiots and he always right

  28. Avatar


  29. Avatar

    Fake news 🐸

  30. Avatar

    Would be good to get the best stimulus package ever or not?

  31. Avatar

    Trump 2020 🇺🇸

  32. Avatar

    CNN was a good channel in the past, I dont kow how it got bad and gone rogue, the hatred cnn spreads amony people against the head of state is very bad it is no longer the news channel it used to be.

  33. Avatar

    I think Trump will win bigly. And Republicans could take back the house.

  34. Avatar

    Trump's prediction means that he knows the voting machines have been hacked.

  35. Avatar

    I hope the overconfidence of the right equals the overconfidence of the left in 2016.

  36. Avatar

    CNN is fake news, nobody believes them

  37. Avatar

    Biden and Pelosi will elect Trump. Thank you, Nancy.

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