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Helicopter Crash Compilation – Part 01

WARNING: This video contains footage some viewers may find distressing, This is shocking
Helicopter Accident

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  1. Avatar

    0:24 I guess it’s a weed wacker now

  2. Avatar

    Yeah just try to zoom in some more, I'm sure those guys in that helicopter aren't completely fucked up or dead.

  3. Avatar

    This should be retitled, 'video of the ground when something is crashing'.

  4. Avatar

    How about a trim off the old palm tree? Those heliobacterial copters ‘r dangerous!

  5. Avatar

    Everyone in here sounds like a broken record, say something original or don't comment at all.

  6. Avatar

    Can't you iPhone junkies learn that video is wider than it is tall?

  7. Avatar

    How did they get their heli licenses when they need to be told NOT to fly into powerlines?

  8. Avatar

    In the 70's I was told by a helicopter mechanic for the U.S. Air Force, If you value life, never get in a helicopter. They drop out of the sky for no good reason.

  9. Avatar

    Meu Deus do céu, senhor do céu

  10. Avatar

    Who else got bored and just typed: helicopter crash?

  11. Avatar

    Please don't film the ground, I want to see DEATH (no offense)

  12. Avatar

    These don't look like accidental crashes, they look more like the result of inexperienced pilots…

  13. Avatar

    I've heard from experienced pilots that it takes a lot of time to learn to fly helicopters. A few of these were mechanical failure though.

  14. Avatar

    Why so many Robinson Helicopters?…

  15. Avatar

    Everytime I see that one at 6:10 it makes me laugh..doosh grabs the cable and pilot is bouncing around.

  16. Avatar

    The last helicopter lost the race.Its pilot must be very upset.

  17. Avatar

    I fell sorry for the one halfway out of the heli

  18. Avatar

    "I solemnly swear that if ever I am recording a disaster I will do my best to record the disaster and not jerk the camera down right at the most exciting part thereby ruining the whole thing" – what EVERYONE should pledge!

  19. Avatar

    The 2nd one looks like a smaller GTA 5 crash when the helicopter stays intact and you are sliding down the hills with it and jumping out running away afraid to get overrolled by it 😂 Hope they are alright

  20. Avatar

    It's understandable that you are too STUPID to operate the air craft but for crying out loud must you mutilate the trees as well ?

  21. Avatar

    Turn your cell on it's side you idiot

  22. Avatar

    In few centuries we will be recognized as the bravest and craziest guys to rely on a metallic or plastic called propeller to lift 1 ton of metal in the air. Without me

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