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Heaviest vehicle pulled by a woman – Guinness World Records

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A competitive bodybuilder has successfully pulled a tow truck and car weighing more than 11 tonnes to raise money for charity.

Nardia Styles from Queensland, Australia, earned the title for Heaviest vehicle pulled over 100 ft – female heaving a truck and car with a combined weight of 11,355 kg (25,033.5 lb), almost three tonnes heavier than the previous record. Read more:


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    What is the function of the rope here? It appears slack, hence I infer that it is something quite unnecessary. However, being the noob that I am, there is definitely something that I have missed.

    Can someone enlighten me?

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    So many men could still pull more.

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    there must be some trick women can't pull that

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    GWR I want to break the world record for speed clapping but I want to know how. I’m 12 yrs old and the current record holder is about 9.

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    It's fake? Because the man pulled to I don't know?

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    i think she maddest look way easier

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    This is hilarious, the guy helps her get it moving, once it's in motion it's easy to keep it going. This isn't a real world record.

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    Leave a like if you think that was fake the string wasn't even attached to the vehicle. I'm not stupid

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    Oh nevermind I didn't see the blue strap

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    How was she pulling it? The rope was in front of her

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    I thought she just climbed a rope XD

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    I am supposed to get the most sleep record

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    Heaviest vehicle with brakes on pulled by a women

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    I'm glad to see that she's an actual woman.

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    how much does Nardia Styles weigh ?

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    U wouldn't want her to be your teacher she will slap you out of existence

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    When do don't have enough fuel 😁😁😁😁😁

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