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Hear from voters on what key issues are influencing their decision

CNN’s Alisyn Camerota speaks to a panel of voters about which issues are most influencing their voting decisions in the 2020 US election. #CNN #News

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    Jimmy is the delusion Southerner.

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    Hillary's illegal home brewed servers

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    Obiden sent 5 million jobs overseas

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    Do NOT believe it's classic trump being donny boy when he says he says he can't lose…

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    Jimmy is the most vulnerable, good luck.

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    "Stupid is as stupid does", as Forrest Gump's mother would say. The very notion that these people have to sit in their own homes while discussing the presidency is insane. For me, the key issue is NOT having a "president" who thinks he is a king and is above the law. I don't want a "president" who lied about the dangers of a virus, and who continues to help spread it, to be running the country.

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    welcome to Criminal News Network. 33.1% growth 3Q, walk, skip, crawl, roll, wheelbarrow, rollerblade, bike, President Trump been standing on your behalf for 4 years, while under attack 24/7/365. It is now your turn, SLEEP WALKING TOWARDS DISASTER, isn't an option. Stand Up For Him. "GET OUT AND VOTE". CNN, the American People know!

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    Hillary illegally sold our Uranium to Russia

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    I would have called out that the donny yellow house and many state's attorneys generals are doing just the thing he said he wouldn't do and ask again how the yellow one won't fuck over people with pre-existing conditions. It's telling of donny followers how little they give a shit about others just a few days prior to a group of them literally being left out in the cold.

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    Y'all go head an laugh! Ah down't give ah daim

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    Sir Trump has no plan except to remove PreExisting conditions right now it’s in court brought by Trumps people. That man is not aware of the actual facts as opposed to what he thinks someone might do. Orange shirt guy clearly doesn’t have a clear view of who Trump is….Trump if it’s a close race he will drag it out. Biden must win by a landslide to avoid all that drama.

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    When will cnn report on Tony Bobulinski?

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    Hey Jimmy, The Fat Boy ….
    Your prexisting condition is your stupidity. Look into the mirror, the wall big mirror !!!!!

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    Cooking of Survival

    Hi American
    Did you ever notice the cult are loud bullies?
    Trump professional?!

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    When I think of the typical Trump supporter and how completely clueless and stupid they are, I think of someone just like Jim-Bob here

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    Obidens school shootings went on and on and on

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    While this panel was a bit cringey (as most of them are)… I feel like these are super important for civil discourse across party lines and building back the bridges neighbor to neighbor that our adversaries would much prefer burned.

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    I sure hope JIMMY has a defibrillator on hand when the results are announced!

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    Lying is okay in a Christian Nation🤣💀

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    Hillary deleted Top Secret emails after the FBI subpoenaed them

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    TONY BOBULINSKI …. cnn are clowns!

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    I wish someone would ask these women like Sherri – do you think he respects women and when she says yes ask her why he allowed Stern to call ivanka “…a piece of ass…” and if he doesn’t respect her what makes you so special?

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    CNN censoring the proven documented FACT that Joe Biden is taking many MILLIONS of DOLLARS from the Chinese, Russians, Ukrainians and others, selling Americans foregn policy. Tony Bobulinski has provided the incontrovertible proof.

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    Let’s get 100s of millions of voters to the polls by the 3rd. Let’s make it a landslide so it would be laughable if contested. In MI you can register and vote until the 3rd in person! Take your grandma your brothers bring them all!

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    The guy in the matching SHIRT OF TRUMPD FACE wow GD STUPID!

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    I want to know what city and state Jimmy is from. My guess is Louisiana or Alabama.

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    Im seriously concerned that this recent revelation regarding the dirty foreign money dealing of Biden and his son Hunters amassing a fortune also implicating his brother Jim may compromise our relationship with China. The recent interview with Tony bobulinski hunters partner confirms Joe's involvement in dealings to receive monies from China and other countries, this corrupt scandal involving dirty foreign money is against our laws

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    Dems orchestrated a fake impeachment & Trump was found innocent of all charges

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    Just freeze these hypocrites in time and place Obama's head on Trump's body and tell them he is president and hear their condemnations and vows not to vote for him because of what he says and his acts- shameful these people are still among us… Sad.

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    Jimmy is a prime example of WILL-FULL IGNORANCE. Having lived in Kentucky, I used to see it all the time. People just buy into an idea knowing fully that it’s wrong. KKK, Racism…you name it.

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    Summarizes Trumpers:
    "What's the plan?"
    7 seconds of dead silence and a scramble to come up with something.

    Why I don't take them serious anymore.

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    These are the people who we blame for trump.

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    You can't fix stupid. But you can vote it out of office.

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    With biden bye bye economy. The virus will still be' here but even more people will be' without jobs.

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    Classic = classy🤔 #Unamerican

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    At least 15 percent of the population has an IQ below 85. The bell curve is brutal.

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    If he doesn’t want to leave, Barrett will help him stay.

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    On one hand I have a dictator, but he is 3 years younger than the opposition, decisions, decisions.

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    Enough is enough
    You are voting for your lives and the lives of your loveones so please VOTE VOTE VOTE
    It's Sad
    As we speak Trump administration still have voters, I'm sorry but this extraordinary 1st world country is becoming a
    Lawless and disgraceful display of power and corruption under the current administration who dosen't care about the values and what democracy means.
    And then hopefully law and order will hold him accountable along the Republicans and his FOX minions.
    Please America you have the most Dangerous person someone who has cheat and gets caught time and time again, he was infected with COVID-19 be smart enough to realize regular people will never be able to get the same type of treatment, you are true witness of the biggest lie ever from Trump trying to downplay COVID-19 responsibility.
    Lies and more Lies from Trump administration
    at this point nothing coming out of the WH can be trusted, Let's avoid taxes questions , racism claims . and let's claim a miraculously recover, where he shows top shape , just to prove to his followers and the world along their scientists, that there's no need for a vaccine to COVID-19. He will claim left and right that COVID-19 is no so lethal? He did the same when he was pushing the hydroxychloroquine. I'm sorry but we are dealing with the biggest FRAUD who as we know is in serious debt and he needs to win the re-election in order to avoid the law, taxes, possible bankruptcy and everything that he fears the most. Please America VOTE VOTE you deserve better and this is now your life and the life of your loveones, otherwise he will be pushing COVID-19 it's not lethal. United States cannot endure this any longer, the reality is that is incredibly to have a 1st world country leading a 3er world country in number of deads just because he choose to fool and betray the American people, you have being deceived by this man.
    Trump's time finally is here and he will have to face the consequences of everything ha has being able to avoid so far his entire life, it's time to set an example out of him for future Presidents because this cannot happen ever again.

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