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Health secretary Matt Hancock addresses parliament on new coronavirus restrictions

Health secretary Matt Hancock gives a statement in the House of Commons about the possibility of new coronavirus restrictions in London and Manchester

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  1. Avatar


    18:21 Hi Guys 💋💞 💝💖

  2. Avatar

    They're all in on it.

  3. Avatar

    We remember the 5th of November very well, Mogg…and we remember V for Vendetta too. What a despicable bunch of lying, power-loving, arseholes ever to disgrace our people!

  4. Avatar

    Your goverment is gaslighting you, think about that.

  5. Avatar

    This agenda is just pushing to make the vaccine mandatory period that’s why they are doing all of this period

  6. Avatar
    Marianne Dashwood

    Keeping the lies simmering until they can blackmail us into having the deadly vaccine.

  7. Avatar


  8. Avatar

    People who are dumb/ignorant enough to still not realise what’s going on deserve the vaccine.

  9. Avatar

    House of t reason

  10. Avatar

    Get this government out for change and save lives

  11. Avatar

    they wounded this country and now they want to gut it !!!!!!!!!!!!!! what happened to the brexit deal deadline !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Avatar

    The video randomly shifts to an EU feed after a few minutes cutting off Hancock's speech.

  13. Avatar

    It's time for this Corrupt Government to be done for TREASON.

  14. Avatar

    Rotten to the core.
    People need to defy.

  15. Avatar

    No one is taking you lot seriously and if you carry on with heavy hand tactics like turning up at a gym in Liverpool with armed Police will not end well it will end with your heads on Spike's not our freedoms gone the people well out number this lot and there gang in blue.

  16. Avatar

    This government is void and currupt. They have no power.. Ignore ther tyranny

  17. Avatar

    Poo news make a vacean now do it now

  18. Avatar

    Please go and read or watch the video on the Great barrington declaration, we must stop this madness, herd immunity is the way forward please sign the declaration now

  19. Avatar

    Hancock is a criminal.

  20. Avatar

    So, we've had old trains, football matches and newspaper adverts not being 100% current, abit of Scottish sticking their noses in. Not much mention os all the jobless, firms going belly up and actual priorities.

  21. Avatar

    and meanwhile…on worlddoctorsalliance dot com – we have about 30,000 doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals petitioning against this sham –

  22. Avatar

    Stop complaining about every decision the government makes. Just deal with whatever life throws at you.

    Staying indoors for another few months is bad.

    But you have to deal with it or people will die.

    If not from corona then cancer, or other health illnesses.

    The virus won't go away. Lockdowns only stop the NHS from overwhelming resulting in even more deaths.

    And yes, schools do spread the virus.

    People who compare things like,

    "So I can go to school and the pub but can't meet my friends",

    Education and the economy is much more important then meeting a few friends. You can meet your friends online, while virtual learning just doesn't work.

    This is why the difference between us westerns and other countries like those in east Asia. We westerns have our own "expert opinion" on things while not listening. We use freedom of speech to make our own "expert opinions.

    Listen to the government. You live in this country. It is your choice.

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