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He oversaw the bin Laden raid. See what he says about Trump

Retired Navy Adm. William McRaven, the former head of US Special Operations Command who oversaw the successful raid that killed Osama bin Laden, said he is voting for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden. #CNN #News

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    its because he dont know anything about foreign affairs, he dont know how to address peace so he runs on what he did in 2016 and all he knows what to talk about is violence the ones he want to have arrested and the covid of course he knows how to lie .

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    No surprise these guys need excuses to continue their pro war life vision xD

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    Jake . go sleep ..

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    As far as looking up to the united states, no. I'm speaking from Canada on this. It's not a jeer but merely a realization. Plus, it's not going to just immediately change with the election of Biden. America has burned a lot of bridges and has completely eroded any trust that they can be a stable nation, superpower and trade partner.

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    As a lifelong Democrat, I would vote for this guy ahead of Biden if given that choice. I have never said that before, but that's because I've never seen a Republican who I would be proud to have as my President. If he ever runs and the Dems don't put up one hell of a candidate in opposition, he'll get my vote.

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    He NEVER says anything! Awesome! Awesome!

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    Is McCraven blinking a lot?

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    You know all of these atrocities against minorities existed all the way in history of America, but we should thank Donald Trump for brining this out the world. Americans live in this bubble, "Out of sight, Out of Mind", the most dysfunctional democracy in the world. Not sure if he is the right president but, for America to be an example to the world, it needs lot of work to be done, and I think Biden will be that president the will change the history of America to the coming generation.

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    If Joe Biden has dementia, than Donald Trump & his supporters must be brain dead🤯🤯

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    Thank you Admiral, eloquent, poignant and straight forward! Democracy is nothing without the free press, the intelligence and science communities need to be heeded, the US is nothing without both domestic and global alliances, social justice, Covid-19 and the environment matter – regardless of whether you are a Democrat or a Republican!

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    The world doesn't look up to America, most people laugh at it and how crazy and insecure it is.

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    Tofaeono Misãtauveve Hollywood

    Couldn’t agree more with all the Admiral says.

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    Admiral McRaven, that guy just exudes respect, big statement, I have huge respect for this guy. He was clear that on certain positions he may not agree with Biden, but on the overall leadership of the country, Biden is by far the better choice, and Trump is dangerous. Enough said.

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    Please downvote this if you are anti-American.

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    He is very and precisely correct

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    I pray that anyone who is still undecided in the upcoming election sees this video. This man is intelligent, full of true American pride, not the destruction of our democracy. Other countries look at the united states like we are all self-centered assholes. Whether you want to face it or not, there is a pandemic. We need unity and alliances. All I see Trump do is scream and fight with everyone. Now is not the time for that! It's not the Trump show, the country is in shambles…lead for everyone, democrats and Republicans. We are one damn country.

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    FBI (John Ratcliffe) has just announced that the HUNTER LAPTOP is in thier pocession and has nothing to do with a Russian dis-information campaign. Democrats anf thier FAKE NEWS allies are corrupt. They are liers all of them.

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    The Bias Media Coddles this guy> https://youtu.be/ShADx4MNSp4 ??ever wonder why>>he will give them there power back after 4 years of being exposed for who they are!! FAKE NEWS!!! Professional whiners!!!

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    Definitely, Sleepy Joe cannot even handle appearing more than one night a week and you can say that he can run America. BS. America needs a strong leader like Trump and you are on the way out anyhow. Shut up and go into hiding like Sleepy Joe.

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    If I could vote for Admiral McRaven, I would become a Republican again.

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