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He has 600K Instagram followers and Bloomberg paid him for this meme

2020 hopeful Mike Bloomberg has spent at least $350 million on advertisement since he entered the presidential race. The Bloomberg campaign’s latest tactic is flooding Instagram feeds. #CNN #News

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    He has 666 thousand followers

    Issa sign boys

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    "lil Michael" has two chances of beating Trump … none and buckleys.

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    7 Billion dollars laundered at an Iranian state-owned bank in Bahrain.
    The state prosecutor found evidence that Future Bank was used in funding terrorism.
    I hate to say it; Trump is right.

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    At least Bloomberg is legit blowing his own dough anyway he pleases! Experts say he has no chance, but we’ll soon find out how far money can buy da presidency!

    Pos-45 will forever be known as da demagogue who got impeached! Cheated da election with da help of russia-GRU, assange, roger & cambridge analytica all indicted, charged & fined $5-billion! No amount of disinformation, conspiracy theory or maga-idiocy will change that! drumpf is Stigmatized-4-life!

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    Fake medias now on Bloomberg..their father Biden gone now?

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    I don't know what I think of Bloomberg but, if he can beat trump, I say, keep on spending!!! VOTE!

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    Trump pays China and Russia… but he won’t admit it. Just look at all the sock puppet accounts posting stupid comments on youtube and Facebook. Look at this comment section, not hard to see. LMFAO.

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    BREAKING NEWS: CNN promotes Bloombergs promoter & calls it "news" tonight on CNN. Watch CNN get bought by an oligarch.

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    He paid someone to say he's Mr. Genuine

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    Bloomberg is the same as Trump.
    He is an evil horrible billionaire villain.

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    This guy claims it is all about spreading humour! Does anyone believe him?

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    Smear campaign to Bernie Sanders and fake news
    #Fakenews #Bernie2020

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    So the US has been invading other countries for decades in order to spread "democracy". Is this the version of democracy they are trying to spread? Bribes, lies, online propaganda, empty promises, fearmongoring, and of course tossing coins. Americans deserve much better than this

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    lol this ain't college Bloomberg

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