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Has China's diplomacy turned into economic coercion? | Counting the Cost

There is one trade war that has dominated headlines for more than two years now.

US President Donald Trump’s loud, brash and transactional battle with China has yielded success and, by the same measure, all sorts of self-harm.

The US has been pushing to curtail China’s economic rise – which earned Beijing some sympathy at first.

But as part of Beijing’s pushback, a number of nations have been on the receiving end of some thinly veiled warnings and, in some cases, economic punishment.

Plus: we look at how Beijing is forcing Tibetan farm labourers into re-education camps.

And, will a bailout for Belarus give Russia more of Minsk?

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  1. Avatar
    Anothony Burke-Zastowny

    Respectable reporting as expected 👏 👌 👍

  2. Avatar
    Space Shuttle Door Gunner

    During Yeltsin's rule, Lukashenko thought he could take over Russia politically. How have the tables turned. Yeltsin's successor, Putin plays the game better.

  3. Avatar

    Aljazeera always making unfair statement toward China, just don't understand why always making double standard.

  4. Avatar

    The CCP is a modern day Neo- Nazis

  5. Avatar

    its seems jealousy. you don't get better life without hard work. there are lots of poor people you mean they should be in the same level?

  6. Avatar
    The Gawd TV aKa True Colors

    China virus!

  7. Avatar

    Lol as soon as I saw your question I immediately thought of the US and Europe haha who’ve been doing this for centuries how hilarious

  8. Avatar

    Arrogant toward China made Chinese pple even more unified.

  9. Avatar

    is AlJazeera allowed to report negative news about Qatar?

  10. Avatar

    I'd human rights are important why not start in Saudia …. Why not fix the problems in Africa . These guys are just using human rights as their game

  11. Avatar

    Debt diplomacy is way better than "bomb, cannon, guns" diplomacy…China is building infrastructure in these underdeveloped countries all over the world, while the US is bullying, bombing and destroying countries that disagree with it.

  12. Avatar

    Al Jazeera become more and more hostile to China everyday and an tool of American propaganda after being purchased by the US.

  13. Avatar

    reeducation camps? ahhh na na na

  14. Avatar

    if you ever been to xinjiang and tibet, you can tell 99% of what these so called aussie "experts" are telling here are false.

  15. Avatar

    China lied people died

  16. Avatar

    While many countries suffer from the CCP VIRUS it is time for the Chinese to buy

  17. Avatar
    Suvanvilles Mcsally

    This channel is American fake propaganda machines I wonder how much US govt pay them to do a fake news.

  18. Avatar

    Boycott made in china product…… promote be vocal for local…..🙏

  19. Avatar

    In debth deplomacy china can conquered world by leasing African land for 1000 years

  20. Avatar

    Whether you are a democrat or a republican, a Japanese or Australian, there is a common enemy—CCP China. CCP has forced millions of parents to abort their unborn fetuses, forced sterilizations and mistreats ethnic minorities.

  21. Avatar

    The ccp are wodre than the nazis they steal invade land re-education camps people go missing and telling the rest of the world to rewrite history ie genghis Khan etc

  22. Avatar
    Nikolas Rasmussen

    Ohhh Australia just stop it what about how you treed the
    Aborigine, its so dobble standard

  23. Avatar
    Nikolas Rasmussen

    If Australia is so conscious about everything then stop selling coal to the world, SAFE THE PLANET

  24. Avatar

    Australia put their necks on the line by calling out China and their handling of the pandemic in the early stages and we got punished diplomatically for it…I hope the rest of the world appreciates the risk we took on behalf of the rest of the world by asking an important contentious question

  25. Avatar

    African leaders saw Chinese money those idiot's

  26. Avatar

    The more good the economy of the country the citizens obey the government will not

    matter what democracies are communism monarchy

  27. Avatar

    Aljazeera you are shamelessly biased in this video towards China. Perhaps to make your western masters happy?

  28. Avatar

    No respect to Aljazeera for not presenting the truths. Stop watching this program.

  29. Avatar
    Bitch where's my gun

    now that's nothing but utterly bullshit

  30. Avatar

    IMF doesn't have srring attached? lol

  31. Avatar

    but isn't the United snakes and Europe doing the same

  32. Avatar

    God bless China 🇨🇳✊✊✊✊

  33. Avatar

    Tim Harcourt – Australia has been Brutally and Agressively attacking China for over a year do you think that China would just take it sitting down ?

    Please also give any credible evidence that the loans from China has any Strings Attached as far as it has been universally reported there is no strings attached to loans from China unlike those from the US. This is because China practices a non-interference policy unlike the US.

  34. Avatar

    Very good piece of journalism showing true colour of totalitarian degenerates from CCP and their way of doing "business"

  35. Avatar

    0:18 nursery school students be like 🤣🤣🤣

  36. Avatar

    western propaganda pretending to have an arab spin even arabs dont believe,Boring channel

  37. Avatar

    China should be sanctioned on all fronts! You either play fair or you don't play at all.

  38. Avatar

    Syra America kill people. lie on chemical weapons being used in Syria. West government on China. But it American that got 2 million people in prison working making weapons. all lie on China go to and chat to the people and your see. Libya was the richest country in Africa now the poorest Western governments do that . Stop lie to world lie western media

  39. Avatar

    Al Jazeera is a terrorist Media organisation

  40. Avatar

    This is so one sided to be critical of China. The funny part is there is only one side of the coin being discussed. What about the other sides of the coin? Bias reporting.

  41. Avatar

    We can't call it's a discussion when all parties are on the same side🙄 biased news!

  42. Avatar

    Isn’t this ban good for Australia’s national interest?

  43. Avatar

    China is so evil, why our government acts like a dog begging China to buy our products

  44. Avatar

    Your statements on Uighurs and Australia is biased and do not care from China point .

    There is no such thing as million Uighurs detained and for Australia it's Australia attacking China.

    Suggest you do your research and font show biased based on fake news. That's not jpurnalism

    For your info Tibetian and Xinjiang GDP per capita are $7000 compared to India only $2000.

    A lot of fake views here

  45. Avatar

    China have border disputes with more than 17 countries…
    And then this dept trap diplomacy….

  46. Avatar

    Its not re-education camps it's a new type of concentration camps

  47. Avatar

    Talk about western sanctions on independent states and individuals and research/report about the impact of western sanctions on countries like Iran,North korea,Venezuela,Sudan,Syria.
    It's like western media is up against tarnishing Chinese image abroad but thank good we have new alternatives of getting real news , Instead of covering cohesive US foreign policy which is against any country opposed to it your reporting about china which never invaded any country since world war two and it's china now helping the world through economic policies that has helped many countries throughout the world through the Road and belt Initiative .
    Just that about IMF report that china now is the largest economy in the world.

  48. Avatar

    He who does not eat pork would never understand the trade on pigs even from Germany!!!Its important for China.

  49. Avatar

    Debt diplomacy is like telling millions of Americans pursued by Credit card issuers and Banks not
    to consider them when you are broke and need bread.
    At least Chinese loans starts with good intentions unlike the uncontrolled and evil Western setups.
    Why are there multiple and huge casinos in the West and whats your slanted views about them?

    Where are you facts on Tibet and XinJiang? Its like saying 40% of Americans are poor and enslaved.

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