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Harry Reid warns fellow Dems not to underestimate Trump

Former Senate majority leader says anyone who thinks Trump will be ‘beaten easily’ has ‘another thing coming’; reaction and analysis on ‘The Five.’ #TheFive #FoxNews

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  1. Avatar

    All Those On The Democrats Side Are A Bunch Of Twisted Morons…Warren and Lying Biden and The Rest Of The Deployable's better Order 18 wheeler truckload of Tissues and make that Aloe by time they get done with all blubbering whining and crying about them loosing 2020 their nooses and their eyeballs are going to be rubbed raw because they don't want to see the truth of who they really are a bunch 🤥 lying sacks They are a Bunch Of American Hater..

  2. Avatar

    Democrats are a disaster. Independents like me will be voting for Trump in 2020.

  3. Avatar

    faux venomous tarantulas are desperate these days….

  4. Avatar

    Bill Marr,freaky creapy a face to hate

  5. Avatar

    Good to see the Reaper closing in on Harry Reid…

  6. Avatar

    It's funny DEMONICRATS call Trump an evil orange man & call anyone who supports him as a racist! Go figure…

  7. Avatar

    Juan is a total sellout, Making his money and being a Yraitor doesn’t bother him

  8. Avatar

    Democrats are trying to distract the American people from the corruption they've been running in congress and senate for decades…Trump is getting in the way…Thank you President Trump for starting the cleaning up of the swamp. Trump 2020 KAG 💗

  9. Avatar

    Lefties sound like Jack Kevorkian when they talk about Biden.

  10. Avatar

    Kissing Obama's … better bring your UV light…

  11. Avatar

    Reid is demmon posssessed…… a real waaack job….amazing how he keeps his head from spinning off and the pea green vomit in it

  12. Avatar

    Send dreamers home. Send the left with them.

  13. Avatar

    where did Rudy go? He sure is quiet 😉

  14. Avatar

    The real America is behind Trump along with the one true God our Father in heaven….
    The left is being attacked by a satanic agenda….this is more then just left vs right we are the last country with free speech an if we lose it, there will be no getting it back.

  15. Avatar


  16. Avatar

    Whiter-Juan was right about being worried about having kids and supporting Joe Bidden. 4:50

  17. Avatar

    Trump is no joke and will be in office for two more terms…..

    Watch and see!!

  18. Avatar

    The news reporter starts his argument saying "crocked" Hilary!

    It should be up to the viewers to make the judgement if Hillery is "crooked" with arguments without him using that word "crooked".

    You as viewer proberly think she are' but a biased journalist should not use Russian introduction methods to make a point… unless he is trying to brainwash you.

    I never heard for example CNN use the sentence – "Lying pumpkin Mr. President Trump" is saying this ir that.

    Why do you accept this? Are you really this narrow minded?

  19. Avatar

    The only way that the Dims win elections is by using voter fraud. The only way they get wealthy is by cheating. They can't understand someone who actually got rich without being corrupt and won without cheating, the support of the media, or even his own party.

  20. Avatar

    Bill Mayer is looking old and worn. Can't wait till the media is taken over and real reporting is born

  21. Avatar

    Now trump You better be getting the biggest rescue mission asap and Get those troops and equipment out if it takes 20 C-5's or 50 osprey. you broke it now let the big boy fix your stupid mess you made of us.

  22. Avatar

    Demo-Rats will jump off the Pelosi sinking ship of lies, they will be all rounded up & tried for Treason. oh what a tangled web the Demo-Rats weave when they tried to deceive.  Vote Trump 2020 for our America's Future!

  23. Avatar

    President Trump is NOT a master performer. President Trump is an open book. He speaks on every issue as he sees them. He is an amazing breath of fresh air for every one to breathe.

  24. Avatar

    Keep Geraldo in there instead of Juan. He's a perfect replacement

  25. Avatar

    Sorry Geraldo, There ARE NO ISSUES against the President. If you think so, NAME ONE! You sound like Shifty Shiff talking through your hat with nothing to substantiate your statement.

  26. Avatar

    What Trump has that the democrates don't is the truth. And nothing tops the truth.

  27. Avatar

    If Biden is the frontrunner, and he's a walking fossil, that speaks volumes about that field. That's the entirety of why you'll see people screeching, overturning vehicles, headbutting poles, crashing through shopfronts and basically turning into "Bizarro"..It's because they're consistently fed Trump as a clown, idiot, orange man and everything derogatory. ..So in the excuse for a 'mind' of a career delusional that's an "easy beat"…in fact everything they imagine is 'truth'…especially polls.
    Bets on Moore releases a sudden "documentary" in 2020 and then suddenly "predicts" Trump winning.
    US is really full of dummies. .because he never really predicted anything. ..There were THOUSANDS worldwide that said Trump would win wayyyyy before Moore…So "delusion" is just a core standard feature with DNC. Nothing can happen without it.

  28. Avatar

    Bad news for all ratings hawks, if Trump is taken down by Dems it's going to be a REAL Civil War! There won't be any TV, Internet or cell phones, those will be the first to go! You will all be hunted down and killed by Patriots for all your lies, propaganda and treason!

  29. Avatar

    His electricity is the Holy Spirit, if it wasn’t he’d be dead by now taken out, it shows the sense of humor our Lord God Almighty has😆 yep he’s sitting on his throne watching every move, the power of my God excites me⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️💫

  30. Avatar

    I can help, I just can't do it by myself. Most of the branches need steadying to make sure they don't fall the wrong way, and the hole in the roof prolly can be remedied with the spray foam and cement board. This requires ladder work which my feet cannot take.

  31. Avatar

    Geraldo, name ONE thing against President Trumps. Just the facts, ma'am. Many my elbow.

  32. Avatar


  33. Avatar

    Underestimating Trump is impossible. He has no bottom.

  34. Avatar

    I knew Jeanine would get into it with Geraldo. If Juan had been there, it would've been sooner. No wonder Juan had the day off.

  35. Avatar

    If you can become the POTUS and NOT win the popular vote … then that says it all.

  36. Avatar

    Watch this episode because Juan Williams is not on it! If he was move on to another news story I don't need another hour of idiot talking points.

  37. Avatar

    Go President Trump Go !! We loyal Americans are with you 100 percent. To hell with the MSM they are only interested in brain washing and control of the masses . Trump/Pence 20/20 !! KAG !!.

  38. Avatar

    these people are so delusional. it is so weird how they are hypnotized by this fake representative and criminal trump. I guess we should not get soft on them, and it is difficult, since I like them personally, even though they are traitors to America.

  39. Avatar

    my prediction is a clinton / warren ticket

  40. Avatar

    Gutfeld reminds me of a guy that tried to get into comedy but settled for the crap he does now.

    Trump 2020

  41. Avatar

    Reid got elected in Nevada by promising that the Yucca Mountain nuclear repository would not be built.
    What do you think was approved right after he got into office?
    You guessed it…
    The Yucca Mountain nuclear repository

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