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Harris Worked To Speak 'Past Pence, At President Trump And To The American People' | NBC News

NBC’s Hallie Jackson breaks down the Vice Presidential Debate between Sen. Kamala Harris and Vice President Mike Pence, and describes how Harris was speaking “past Pence, at President Trump and to the American people.”
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Harris Worked To Speak ‘Past Pence, At President Trump And To The American People’ | NBC News

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  1. Avatar

    Mike Pence should win, right?

  2. Avatar

    The fly was very fitting considering the maggot trump is

  3. Avatar

    Pink eye Pence lost. The fly had a better debate than him.

  4. Avatar

    In the case of a black man on death row Kamala Harris fought hard to keep DNA evidence sealed,meaning she didn't even care if a innocent black man was put to death!

  5. Avatar

    She wasn't mean enough for me. Vengeance is mine

  6. Avatar

    Typhoid Trump.

  7. Avatar

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    #senators #potus
    Would be nice if The #taxpayers in each state would get together and work on a Bare #essential list of what all pay into & give it to the next president. And the rule is you don’t talk about what party or what president you’re going to vote for..We need protection because we are all sitting ducks businesses and households right now. #taxpayers STAND UP, Collaborate together in each state and give them the bare essentials list we need that we pay into every day, This is NOT about party or who you want to be president just get together that is our strength otherwise we are all sitting ducks.
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  8. Avatar

    ***During the debate, Ms. Kamala Harris said: The world respects Xi Jinping more than D. Trump! Shameful for the Democratic Party! Not to lead the country but to fall to China! Exactly why Obama came out from the back door of the plane when he got to Beijing! Ha ha ….

  9. Avatar
    Advocate Rajender Singh


  10. Avatar
    Advocate Rajender Singh


  11. Avatar

    She tried but she lost badly. Pence hung her out with pushing about stacking the Supreme Court

  12. Avatar

    Harris didn't tell the truth 1 time

  13. Avatar

    This reminded me of every professional meeting I've been in with a man. Pence was abusive deceptive and evasive in telling the truth and facts of the matters.

  14. Avatar

    Pence won debate! Trump really is a blessing from God!

  15. Avatar

    The fly! That is not a good sign for Pence. He should immediately be tested for coronavirus again.

  16. Avatar

    America has not been defeated by CCP. Fact check, pls.

  17. Avatar

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  18. Avatar

    I don't know why they don't just let them sit in comfortable chairs and have a more comfortable interview maybe even asked seperatly as in individual interviews

  19. Avatar
    Ismail AliAliAli

    Mr Clown, still kicking?

  20. Avatar

    spread them legs lady…..willie is coming home !!!

  21. Avatar

    Pence: "Smoking doesn't cause cancer"

  22. Avatar
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    Watch political bloopers

  23. Avatar
    Gaetano Vindigni

    Be prepared and positive on election day, November 3rd, and during early voting:
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  24. Avatar

    FAKE NEWS is SOOO out of touch with reality!!!

  25. Avatar
    lowell gocharian

    So sad they never gave pences his full 2 minutes

  26. Avatar
    lowell gocharian

    Mike pence won easily

  27. Avatar
    lowell gocharian

    Why doesn't Biden sniff black people's hair. Racist

  28. Avatar

    Mr President Donald j Trump is the one and only legendary.The best administrator and excellent ruler and experienced..U S A can just simply rely on Mr President Trump without looking back.

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  30. Avatar

    They are all a joke.

  31. Avatar

    Maybe Harris should have answered the questions instead of smugly speaking past Pence.

  32. Avatar

    A fly on his head, means he “soiled” himself😷🤣😝

  33. Avatar

    Smugness & Arrogance was very unbecoming! Democrats are bankrupt MORALLY!!!

  34. Avatar

    Pence made Harris look like a flake!!!! LOL He should have gone easier on her since she is a woman.

  35. Avatar

    In order to get a high percentage of hispanic turnout, Hispanics need a strong show of support and guaranteed promises, period!!! "No empty spin"!!! This is why most hispanics prefer to register as independent Voters!!! see who is gonna deliver!!!

  36. Avatar

    Trump 2020

  37. Avatar

    Equality for all, not just some. America is so much more than just black or white!!!

  38. Avatar

    Who is Q??? I can only find what she says nothing about who she is ???

  39. Avatar

    Help me… who is Q??? … is black child skin soup walnut?? Wow Wikileaks

  40. Avatar

    Harris got called on the Fine People Hoax. Lyin Kamala.

  41. Avatar

    DUMP TRUMP 2020!

  42. Avatar

    Harris lied through her teeth the entire time and Pence completely and utterly dominated her.

  43. Avatar

    No way Harris will become POTUS.

  44. Avatar

    (NEW EVIDENCE Shows Obama Team Knew Russian Collusion Was BOGUS from the Beginning | Glenn Beck)

  45. Avatar

    She did a good job. Pence was a lying drama queen throughout the debate.

  46. Avatar

    You can trust the MSM, lol.

  47. Avatar

    God's signs could not be clearer my friends. Trump is not a righteous path. Why wont God protect him & 16 of his most loyal from covid.

  48. Avatar

    as Godless as Trump is, do you think he'll actually keep working on our Christian goals after he's re-elected, when at that point he'll no longer have any further need to appeal to us for our vote?

  49. Avatar


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