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Harris Calls Out Trump On Lack Of Transparency Over Taxes, Health | NBC News

Sen. Kamala Harris said Joe Biden has been transparent “over many years” and said President Trump has been about “covering up everything.”
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Harris Calls Out Trump On Lack Of Transparency Over Taxes, Health | NBC News

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  1. Avatar

    Trump the billionaire 😂 Billions of lies of course!

  2. Avatar

    Notice Mike Pence called "two" (minutes).
    Mike Pence continually talked over his time limit.
    I put a watch one one of his answers when allowed 15 second to respond and he went on for 60 seconds.
    He did this repeatedly through out the debate ignoring calls from the adjudicator.
    He interupted Kamal Harris several times when it was her turn to speak.
    This is the Trump administration.
    Make agreements about rules and protocols and the just go straight ahead and break your word. Break you promises shamelessly.
    Promises and agreements made, mean nothing to these people.
    They are basicly dishonest.
    They have lied to America before, they will lie to America again and they are most certainly lying to America right now.
    Once you know someone is a habitual liar, you cannot trust anything that they say.
    Do you really want a President who will decive you, who will lie to you without any conscience?

  3. Avatar

    The biggest political scandal since watergate is now confirmed hillary clinton… to deflect her 30,000 email server debacle.. created then got approval by the dnc…obama…. biden …and brennan of the cia in his own handwriting…to point comey's fbi into a baseless snipe hunt for russian interference during the election and she paid for it… when she lost the election she let it continue… if she had won, she would have killed it… either way your dem party was an active participant to create a coup… and they got caught…INVESTIGATE CNN

  4. Avatar
    Francisco Gutierrez

    She should've mentioned Trump keeping stimulus package hostage, when he doesn't even pay taxes!

  5. Avatar

    And… the biased reporting starts.

    As a non-American who actually favours Biden I would say Pence did better in this debate than Harris who was very evasive.

  6. Avatar

    Go blue baby!!!! Vote out the hate!!!

  7. Avatar

    "Mom-a-la" Harris schooled Pence like he was one of her children.

  8. Avatar

    Lol. In the opposite Joe Diaper incone jumped to 15 millions after being vice president. Qincidents? Or maybe good cuts from Obamagate? Well of course he made it by selling book that nobody ever see or read 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  9. Avatar
    Aravind krishna A R

    she kicked him in the nuts 😂

  10. Avatar

    The fly smell 💩!

  11. Avatar

    Kamala Harris attacks Joe Biden's record on race in Democratic debate – YouTube

    Kamala Harris reacts to Joe Biden saying 'Go easy on me, kid' – YouTube

  12. Avatar


  13. Avatar

    You can be prosecuted for giving out AIDS virus to other people. But I guess the president can give out Corona to other people and it be a double standard??????? Intentionally?????when he know the virus is highly contagious?????? Just curious

  14. Avatar

    Objective journalamism in the title there, NBC.

  15. Avatar

    President Harris think about it just think about it!

  16. Avatar

    DEPENDS ON WHAT NEWS CHANNEL YOU WATCH well I just heard on CNN Sarah said president Pence

  17. Avatar

    That dude really wants to take a nap.

  18. Avatar

    Taxes are the usual non issue…and to top it off she is lying about it;

  19. Avatar

    Pence can't stand letting Kamala talk. It's pretty funny.

  20. Avatar

    So Kamla says Joe is honest! Really?

  21. Avatar

    Hey Harris…you better sit there and you are going to get lectured by the VP Pense. What are you going to do about it , huh?

  22. Avatar

    Hey Kameltoe, you do know that it's not the people that elect the supreme judge for a lifetime, right? I thought you were a lawyer? Or maybe you don't know the Constitution and just stupid! The answer is the residing President. Go vote for PENSE 2020!

  23. Avatar

    PENSE clearly won this debate. Harris is a lawyer? WTF? She doesn't know how to debate. She was on the DEFENCE the whole time. Go VOTE for PENSE 2020! 2024!

  24. Avatar

    Pense was so humble, calm, clear, has basis and facts, knew BS when it came out of Harris's mouth. Pense was considerate even to his opponent Harris while she kept trying to trash Trump admistration. Pense was right…the DEMON-RATs have been trying to takeover the past 3+ years. Go VOTE for TRUMP/PENSE 2020!

  25. Avatar

    Do all black women show attitude towards everything. I didn't see her Indian side.

  26. Avatar

    The fly chose Pence, because flies love garbage.

  27. Avatar

    Hey Harris..the question was about Presidents health being transparent. You answered it by saying Trumps taxes? WTF? Is someone's health have anything to do with taxes? Did you clean out your ear wax lady? Or are you just stupid?

  28. Avatar

    Joe Biden we love you sir you can made great America

  29. Avatar
    Adonibaal Kfarnahoum

    what does she knows about politics. she only play the racist card to attract more low life like herself coming from south central LA
    she could not stop herself repeating joe biden joe biden that was a total looser moron.

  30. Avatar

    Harris…you need to go back to law school. Read the Constitution lady!

  31. Avatar

    Please vote. Just got off Hannity channel. There trying to flip this. The only thing we can count on is your vote. Please vote

  32. Avatar

    * Vote D. Trump as President in four years! So you vote for America's great success and affirm your victory over Communist China!
    The Democrat, J. Biden-Kamala Harris, has preyed on the Communist Party of China: Malicious, sinister policy undermines America: Abortion! This policy prevents the American population from growing, and continues to weaken America! Ship more than 1 billion 400 million people, and America has more than 330 million people! Moreover abortion is inhumane, killing sentient beings!
    This is not difficult for smart Americans! So you need to know who to vote for, for which party?

  33. Avatar

    Enough is enough. I do not forgive Trump killed over 210, 000 American people so far, and also I do not forget Trump did not pay Federal Taxes for a decade

  34. Avatar

    The most entertaining bit was the special appearance made by the fly.

  35. Avatar

    Can they not find a moderator who can moderate.

  36. Avatar

    ……simple, Trump is a crook….

  37. Avatar
    Leonidas The Great

    Kim Jun Un owns Trump's butt😂✌️

  38. Avatar

    Pence looks like Skelator.

  39. Avatar
    Trump For Prison

    Anyone that supports tRUMP has blood on their hands. Vote like your life depends on it. Because it does…

  40. Avatar

    That continual smirk on Harris face I have seen many times as a practicing psychologist for 27 years on people that are very arrogant and self centered. Her smile has a very strained, taunt appearance often associated when a person is lying. Finally, can someone in the Democratic Party state if they are going to pack the court?

  41. Avatar


  42. Avatar

    Everyone here is oblivious to the facts, he's a businessman, smart people can save $ on taxes.

  43. Avatar
    Gaetano Vindigni

    Be prepared and positive on election day, November 3rd, and during early voting:
    > review sample ballot
    > wear a mask;
    > be prepared to wait or vote during off-peak hours;
    > take food, hot drinks, and warm clothes.
    > go in numbers to vote;
    > bring required ID;
    > take videos of poll watchers without ID;
    > 911 for immediate police response;
    > report voter intimidation (1-866-OUR-VOTE or 1-888-VE-Y-VOTA (en Español));
    > you do not need to speak English to vote;
    > you do not have to take a test to vote;
    > you can request a 'provisional ballot' if you do not have an ID;
    > you must be allowed to vote if you are on line before polls close;

  44. Avatar

    Wow, she slammed him hard!! 👍 👍 👍 The truth is rumbling on them. Great job Kamala 👍🙏 ⚖️⚖️⚖️⚖️🌊🌊🌊🌊🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  45. Avatar


  46. Avatar

    The Trump administration has deliberately flouted science, social distancing and made a mockery of masks, refusing to wear a mask in situations where it was deemed necessary by hospital authorities and medical consultants.
    During the onset of COVID-19 Trump repeatedly lied to the American people, downplaying the severity of the viral outbreak, repeatedly thumbing his nose in the face of science with ridiculous pseudoscience claims that could potentially endanger others. Now well over 200,000 American citizens have needlessly perished with the numbers climbing still higher due to his inaction.
    Recently statistics were not on Trumps side as he openly encouraged people to attend crowded rallies without social distancing and other protective measures in place. Prior to Trump's positive diagnoses he spread the virus to countless other via his selfishness and willful ignorance of scientific evidence and protocols.
    It's not the past lies that is the issue, but the fact is; in the future everything Trump states will be suspect and questioned just like the words of Conley, his supposed "Doctor", there is nothing transparent about that administration, the trust has long been destroyed and Pence helped drive the nail in the coffin of his Vice Presidential term.
    We need Biden and Harris to repair the damage done to our global reputation during the Trump Administration!
    Is another four years of chaos, lies and deception what we deserve as American Citizens?

  47. Avatar

    Kamala did nothing but prove that she doesn't remember what she and Joe said in previous interviews and debates. The Democratic voters ran Kamala right on out of the primaries, calling her a fraud and a sellout. They also repeatedly attacked Joe Biden for being a corporate puppet who is far too conservative for their vision of America. The Democratic voters obviously didn't want Harris OR Biden. That's two elections in a row now that the DNC blatantly disregarded the wishes of their own voters and nominated a candidate that NOBODY actually wanted. I myself am an Independent for reasons just like this. My question is this.. Why do you continue to support a party that imposes their will on you? In my city you couldn't walk 5 feet in any direction without seeing a dozen Bernie Sanders signs or bumper stickers. It was the same in 2016. And then the DNC said "screw you voter you're getting Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden". I mean for real. When are the common Democratic voters going to finally put their foot down and demand the candidate that THEY want?

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