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Harris Calls Out Pence: Supposed To Be ‘Debate Based On Fact And Truth’ | NBC News

Mike Pence interrupted Kamala Harris to say, “Joe Biden said twice in the debate last week that he’s going to repeal the Trump tax cuts.” Harris said, “That is absolutely not true.”
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Harris Calls Out Pence: Supposed To Be ‘Debate Based On Fact And Truth’ | NBC News

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  1. Avatar

    Do you think NBC could be a little more one-sided what is up with this is everybody at NBC a dumb of crap

  2. Avatar

    Who would actually vote for this Harris woman I think she's a woman

  3. Avatar

    People keep on saying she was mean and condescending !! My GOD she is an attorney !!! What do you expect ? A nice timid school girl ?? Wow !!!

  4. Avatar

    A lot less Trump rhetoric in these comments. Has YouTube finally found a way to stop the bots?? 🤔

  5. Avatar
    Ernesto serrano Serrano

    Kamala Harris and Joe Biden are hypocrits if Kamala was honest she would tell Biden what went on in ukrain they both know that they were stealing money from the American people and she only want to act stupid cuz she is stupid

  6. Avatar

    Haha, I liked the "Wow"! She's shocked by all the lies coming out of his mouth.

  7. Avatar

    How many times has he lied?????

  8. Avatar

    Together these 2 can fix America once and for all! Hooray!

  9. Avatar

    Mr. Pence, fracking is an insult to God, the Creator of this earth.

  10. Avatar

    No matter what a liberal democrat says, I will never believe them.

  11. Avatar

    That bug was natures way of telling you somethings wrong.

  12. Avatar

    Seems to be reading from the same script as the other Snakeoil salesman.

  13. Avatar

    Pence's fly died of covid, despite medications and treatment with mini fans. Beware of house flies that may have had encounters with Pence's fly.

  14. Avatar

    Pence hasn't talked this much in 4 years.

  15. Avatar

    I am a Independent Voter!
    Well the way I look at this is….
    1. If you want to tear down this country and
    want to turn the United States OF America
    into a Socialist Country and have your GUNS

    2. If you believe in the U.S. Constitution and
    the Bill Of Rights AND KEEP YOUR GUNS then
    It's just that simple!
    Your Choice!

  16. Avatar

    Biden if you’re reading this you’re caboose is on fire😂

  17. Avatar

    I am 73, and I still pay taxes because I do not make enough to live on, I started working at 13, have cancer also a autoamune disease, and I still payed taxes

  18. Avatar
    jasonanddenee scribner

    Wake up America stop the madness vote blue every state. The Republican Party is nothing but a bunch of lying cheating good nothing crooks.

  19. Avatar

    It's apparent that when COVID-19 struck this country these folks didn't have enough money to hold them over for at least one month. A fly will always find a lying piece of doo doo.

  20. Avatar

    harris is a sad woman her views are evil we want christanity constituion and capitlaism back in this country………

  21. Avatar

    Drumpft and pence seal neck two clowns.

  22. Avatar

    Why didn't she shut down pence seal neck?

  23. Avatar
    Historynerd Delux

    Wallowing in trump's septic pool of lies.

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