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Harris and Pence address Roe v. Wade, SCOTUS nomination


“I will always fight for a woman’s right to make a decision about her own body. It should be her decision and not that of Donald Trump and Vice President Michael Pence,” said Sen. Kamala Harris.

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  1. Avatar

    harris needs to stop breathing

  2. Avatar

    This woman full of BS.

  3. Avatar

    Why do Democrats keep pushing abortion when the majority of abortions are done to black babies?

  4. Avatar

    Oh yeah…she went there. When backed in the corner, pull the race card. 🙄

  5. Avatar

    Trump 2020..in your face….👏👏👏🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  6. Avatar

    THE FLY was Trump telling Pence what to say!!!!!!! Ha Ha Ha ha Ha ha! POOP!

  7. Avatar

    Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful! Who's on top of pence? fly!!! ——TRUMP

  8. Avatar
    Alpha E Pluribus Numan

    Mitch McConnell has been attempting to stack the court with Republican sycophants long before Trump got here

  9. Avatar

    https://youtu.be/mFywOS5spQ4 Watch this, the future is now…

  10. Avatar

    Wrong Harris ur promote mortal sin shame on u for supporting abortion evil trump cares about soul,u Harris are putting people to hell

  11. Avatar

    Biden is not a good Catholic by leaving abortion open shame on u for using Catholic church in ur mortal sin

  12. Avatar

    They both didnt answer the question

  13. Avatar

    Pence never ANSWERED the question about abortion in his home state. As usual with this admin he dodged the question.

  14. Avatar

    It's as though Pence was instructed by Trump "No matter what they ask you, you just tell them how great I am. It doesn't have to even be related to the question they asked you. Just tell them I'm great. Run the clock down and try to find someone to throw under the bus. And keep the praise coming. Remember, I'm your god now, Mikey."

  15. Avatar

    I’m now serious convinced pence in an alien 👽 ..

  16. Avatar

    Mr President Donald j Trump is the one and only legendary.The best administrator and excellent ruler and experienced..U S A can just simply rely on Mr President Trump without looking back.

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    Sai Baba Temple Street, Near Karanam gari centre, KAKINADA-533003,East Godavari Dist.Andhra Pradesh, INDIA.

  17. Avatar

    Pence lies as much as trump he just has more conviction when he does it.

  18. Avatar

    Pence chewed this gremlin up and spit this clown out 💯 TRUMP 2020

  19. Avatar

    Planned Parenthood started out as exactly that: through contraception, space & plan your children. Now it’s nothing more than than an agency for child sacrifice, promoting abortion as an acceptable method of birth control
    (anyone remember the 5th Commandment, “thou shalt not kill”?). Unprotected, casual sex is irresponsible. You choose abortion, you live with the mental/physical consequences. The government & insurance companies don’t owe you this “service”; pay for it yourself. It is not a “right”. Our society has been brainwashed to think nothing of throwing away a child but will be up in arms if dogs & cats are mistreated or killed pre birth. Sick.

  20. Avatar

    Every answer Pence makes sound the same.

  21. Avatar

    Harris🤮This woman is a political joke, her hobbies: selling herself; trampling on the constitution; advocating socialism.

  22. Avatar

    In the first civil war, republicans fought the democrats to save the slaves from democrat plantations. In the second civil war, republicans will fight the democrats to save the unborn from democrat high kill plantations. The democrats always think they are morally superior but it appears history tells a different story. No wonder the dems try to erase thier own history by tearing down statues.

  23. Avatar


  24. Avatar

    Senator Harris can be pure evil….Sorry but I just do not trust her with Americas future….

  25. Avatar

    Every question he answer was about trump is god .. smh we heard enough. I'm a republican and I'm voting blue

  26. Avatar
    Jeremiah Johnson

    Harris being #2 reminds me of the city she comes from. That will be our world.

  27. Avatar

    I noticed how pence kept interupting Harris, just like Trump. No respectful christian behavior.

  28. Avatar

    Why kamala smirk and shake her head from time to time like facing her honey during the debate

  29. Avatar

    Sanctmonious Pence 👹 is a lunatic & is a THREAT to all our civil rights 🐍

  30. Avatar

    What was Pence doing in the toilets for the flies to follow him? Mother, u have some explaining to do. No wonder she didn't wanna hug him she must have caught him with his mouth full hence the damage to his eye. PINK EYE, YEAH! RITE, More like Manaconda eye

  31. Avatar

    good for kamala for calling him out on them having 50 nominations none of them black it’s pretty obvious what they are trying to do

  32. Avatar

    Thanks to China and Joe Biden for Covid-19.The globalists know the only way to stop Trump is by hurting the economy. It doesn't matter to them who dies in the process either.

    !!Communism is the death of the soul. It is the organization of total conformity in short, of tyranny and it is committed to making tyranny universal.

    Adlai E. Stevenson.

  33. Avatar

    Great debate. Pence won.

  34. Avatar

    God Mike's weak as water should pointing etc

  35. Avatar

    Reps not happy that sl8w Mike never was more stern

  36. Avatar

    1:40 I stopped my job because of, p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m

  37. Avatar

    Harris is way inferior to Pence except for a glib tongue .

  38. Avatar

    Abortion as a form of birth control is wrong. When two consenting individuals have sex (with or without 99.9% effective birth control) and healthy pregnancy results than it is wrong to abort that child's life. Reproductive rights start at the very second of consensual sex not after a pregnancy results. Most abortions are performed due to the mother not wanting the child she assisted in creating through consensual sex. Low rates for abortion are performed in cases of health issues, rape or incest. The abortion law needs to be more strict in cases where a woman willingly had sex and a pregnancy resulted. Just think…probably millions of unborn babies who would have grown up to be democrats have been slaughtered in the womb.

  39. Avatar

    One of Pence's pupils was larger than the other. The larger one also appeared to be quite red… There is speculation that Pink Eye is a symptom for when COVID-19 infects a person through the tear duct, as Pink Eye is observed in 10% – 30% of patients eventually diagnosed with COVID. What are the facts? 1) Pence has been exposed to COVID recently. 2) Pink Eye is rare in healthy adults and 3) less rare in adults to coincidentally have Pink Eye and COVID simultaneously, instead of just COVID as the cause for redness. Using Bayesian statistics, and knowing these facts, this increases the likelihood of infection from 10% to a probability range of a little over 50% to nearly 80%.

  40. Avatar

    this was a crucial question and she didn't answer , for those that argue that Pence didn't answer directly other questions , at least he did it indirectly , in this case Pence push her to almost outside of the ring

  41. Avatar

    "Protect the sanctity of human life"?
    WTF! 211,754+ previously alive Americans dead due to Pence and T-Rump's ineptitude and abject failures. Unforgivable.

  42. Avatar

    The Democrats want to KILL UNBORN CHILDREN she feels this way because she HAS NEVER HAD CHILDREN or at least none lived. They want to have TAX PAYERS PAY TO KILL UNBORN CHILDREN

  43. Avatar

    Harris is a TRUE LIAR

  44. Avatar

    ABC..Stop campaigning for Biden
    (NEW EVIDENCE Shows Obama Team Knew Russian Collusion Was BOGUS from the Beginning | Glenn Beck)

  45. Avatar

    Even though Pence did really good with the "pack the courts" attack, Charlottesville-selected editing from the media, "losers and suckers" story being debunked, Biden's high taxes, Green New Deal, fracking/no fracking from Biden's team. He could also attack Harris with her calling Biden a racist and rapist. We love to see her reaction even though she got destroyed. lol

  46. Avatar

    Mr Vice President, I'm speaking, I'm speaking……but I'm not giving an answer to the question.

  47. Avatar

    Don't lecture me Putin, don't lecture me Putin 🤪🤣

  48. Avatar

    Regarding the wedding ring issue……maybe you should learn that some people cannot wear one due to medical issues. Hands swelling, allergy to metal, a hazard at work. So he's Jewish. BIG DEAL. Are you racist against Jewish people, John Doe?

  49. Avatar

    They have Faith alright but not in Jesus Christ . There Faith is now with muhammad 👉https://youtu.be/8xyMkd11oNo

  50. Avatar

    Harris 👎👎👎👎

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