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Hannity: Media thinks Biden a sure winner, voters can prove them wrong

Sean Hannity slams ‘bunker’-dwelling candidate and ‘media mob’ with seven days left before election. #FoxNews #Hannity

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  1. Avatar

    Mida doesn’t think Biden can win that’s why they are trying really hard to convince everyone this is so close or that Biden is in the lead. All,anyone has to do is look at how many are sowing up at , rallies, boat parades , or car parades. Biden can attract enough to hold a moderately good back yard BBQ but trump has more people show up that do at a rock concert.

  2. Avatar

    This is absolutely hilarious reading these comments!! Trump supporters are freaking out LOL. Lots of head scratching here. America always knew Trump supporters are a little slow. Y'all think a few hundred thousand supporters at super-spreader rallies dictates a winner? Wrong! ALL polling, including Fox has Biden up by at least 6%. News Flash…This equates to MILLIONS of voters. Now compare that to a few hundred thousand at rallies. DUH!!! And I guess all the people of color in massive lines actually voting should stir y'all up a bit as well! Polling tracks dems and repukes that already voted. Dems are waaaayyyy ahead! Another strong indicator is Biden has raised 164 million. Bankrupt-Trump has raised 44 million LOL!! So much for your desperate "rigged" argument. That's what LOSERS spin when everything else hasn't stuck!!!! ! I see a BEAUTIFUL BLUE WAVE ON THE HORIZON!

  3. Avatar

    It’s so wrong what the other News stations are saying,,,,,They must think we’re stupid..,,

    Thank you so much Fox,,,, makes me appreciate you more than ever,,,,

  4. Avatar

    President Trump being re-elected come November 3rd is as sure as the rising of the sun. Deut 18:22
    God bless America.

  5. Avatar

    Get out and vote!!!
    🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 TRUMP 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  6. Avatar

    Sean seems a bit flat. Maybe he's had a sneak peek at reality.

  7. Avatar

    Hannity…. agree to work with an Animsl shelter cleaning crap after this election is done

  8. Avatar

    Media Knows Biden a sure LOSER, voters can prove them right!

  9. Avatar

    I once told a DIMocRAT neighbor that the polls close a 8pm when I knew they really closed at 7pm. It was sooo funny watching her head to the polls at 7:15.

  10. Avatar

    Pedaling nothing but hate and fear, sad. So is Hannity aware he also is "the media". Trump is "well done" like the fast food burgers Donald eats by the bag full. Go Joe Go, God Save America.

  11. Avatar

    People, how you can listen all this lie after lie in every words coming from Fox news. Just for a change, go and look for other sources of information. Unbelievable stream of disinformation!!!!!!

  12. Avatar

    how can I send my vote from Israel I'm American citizen

  13. Avatar

    Praying for you president Trump and our country. Give us strength and guide us through the night with a light from above. Get out the vote

  14. Avatar

    Could someone tell this Republican what the new Trump healthcare program looks like??? Please????

  15. Avatar

    The media wants everyone to think Biden is the frontrunner so that they can yell shenanigans when Trump wins

  16. Avatar
    Isidro De La Cruz

    Biden 2020

  17. Avatar

    Trump is winning.

  18. Avatar

    For any Americans who are actually voting for this clumsy and demented 77yo human being, you really need to take a step in front of a mirror, look eye to eye with yourself and repeatedly say.. "I am not a person who cares about my spiritual conscience, I have no dignity, nor do I care about my Patriotic pride or duty to protect the future of my kin."
    You can then proceed to relinquish your burden from this world, however you see fit. GL ML

  19. Avatar

    Here's the deal come on man. He's not fit to run for presidential position.

  20. Avatar

    The media are repeating 2016.
    The lying media are the real enemy.

  21. Avatar

    Joe's Insanity Defense
    Creepy Biden's little TDS green goblins still don't care whether their Uncle Joe is handing out a trick or a treat; nevermind his nonsensical blathering. All they want is some candy. They're all lost in the scary movie of their seratonin deficient minds.

  22. Avatar

    After the election CORONA VIRES by the miracle of FAKE NEWS will start to disappear gradually, who said miracles don't happen? 😂😂😂

  23. Avatar

    The poll number's are why we will be getting out and voting Trump.

  24. Avatar

    POOR Panicky Hannity.
    The gig is up Seany boy. Trump is out and Biden will be bringing charges to You and Trump . Maybe you can do your Foxnews show from your prison cell. Just Don't say anything racist there about black people or Latinos. They will be running you in the prison showers on a hourly basis so bad you will not be able to sit down for the entire 20 year sentence.

  25. Avatar

    Joey boy is. hiding in his. basement today even the day. the results are. announced that moment too he will be hiding is this kind of a person the Americans are looking forward to have as a president Within a few day the biased news reporters will get the biggest shock of their lives to see President Trump lead America once again as God has blessed him to lead this nation once again

  26. Avatar

    It seems Hannity is slowly realizing that Trump may loose or decided to lower his support. Plaintiff voice, weak punch attacks… What is happening to him?

  27. Avatar

    Jesus manifested in the flesh, died on the tree and rose again. He accomplished everything necessary to save you from Y. your sins and give you eternal life!!

  28. Avatar

    500k cases in a week…..great corner!

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