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Hannity: Dems would still hate Trump if he cured cancer

House Democrats vote to condemn Trump’s tweets about for freshman congresswomen. #Hannity #FoxNews

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  1. Avatar

    According to studies, white people don't think about race a lot.. But colored people do and relate things much more to race than white folks..
    In this case it's pretty obvious who thinks about race all the time and who doesn't…

  2. Avatar

    Those four women should be kicked out of congress.

  3. Avatar

    democrat terror group double talk joke real see

  4. Avatar

    LMFAO I Wanna see if 2020 America become great again because I still don't see no difference from pass to now

  5. Avatar

    The four horse mouths of the Apocalypse

  6. Avatar




  7. Avatar

    Thank god I’m not a Democrat, I would die of shame!

  8. Avatar

    breakin news everyone racist haha smh

  9. Avatar

    Face it people!
    With these people and a large part of the American population who do nothing but hate..
    Well President Trump can do anything right in their eyes..

    And that's the TRUTH!

  10. Avatar

    Since Trump and fox hates the way the United States is now so much they should go back to World War II Germany

  11. Avatar

    Trump and all those that support FOX News need to be evicted from the United States since they are so hateful and hate the way the United States is now

  12. Avatar

    True. Tell him to do it anyway so they don't get the bragging rights.

  13. Avatar

    False narratives are exactly what Democrats and fake news are doing. Read back Trump's tweet carefully, which NEVER called out any personal names. Now, Democrats and fake news unashamedly twisted and exaggerated what Trump said to libel and slandering Trump. Shame on them!

  14. Avatar

    No Democrap can name 1 thing Trump has said that is racist…fact!!

  15. Avatar

    0:37, Hannity stole that line from an EmpLemon video.

  16. Avatar

    Yeah and Pelosi gets away with calling President Trump along with the American citizens white supremacist !
    Over the question on the census ;. Are you a American citizen ?
    I took it as an assault on me too because, I want that question on the census. but that does not mean I'm a white supremacist !

  17. Avatar

    Dems traveling on mothership creating Genesis babies of squads4.
    Boo boo boo👎🏻

  18. Avatar

    These pathetic Democrats are Nothing! President Trump is Awesome! Brilliant man and leader! WWG1WGA

  19. Avatar

    AOC, Rashida and Tlaib think they are, “people of color” when the only one in color is Homan… he is Red in the face of anger he's also a White man and he is sad and Blue for the children… hey… this sounds familiar, what else is red white and blue…

  20. Avatar

    Sean Hannity. Sounds Irish to me. Go back where you came from.

  21. Avatar

    The Dems are going lose very big and never regain power 2020! People are fed up with these clown shows crying race card, gender, religion, culture…… Will take back our country & fire these useless corrupt fake politicians/actresses!

  22. Avatar

    There wouldn't be a fu%¤@ USA if it wasn't for "THE GREAT WHITE MAN"… (and still, Omar here you are)
    There wouldn't be Somalian pirates if it wasn't for "Omar & Co"… (of free will, nobody goes there)

  23. Avatar

    That's what I say constantly. They aren't reasonable people.

  24. Avatar

    4 disgusting filth minorities!

  25. Avatar

    Trump could end hunger, bring about world peace, stop "climate change" and the left would still hate him. TDS is a very powerful thing.

  26. Avatar

    The DemocRATS have Islamic Nazis and yet they have the audacity to accuse President Trump of racism? LMAO if it werent so disgusting. Minorities like these 4 whores should be held accountable just like anyone else…these 4 bitchez dont want equal rights they want special rights…talk abt a supremacist agenda.

  27. Avatar

    Reason being, that he would only do it for profit and charge you 90% beyond what your insurance would pay for it. If they cover you at all, because i bet you all you believe it would be deemed a pre-existing condition. And you know what Trump, Hannity, and the rest of The Republican herded sheep are doing about that riiiiiight.
    But yall will still love him. Baa baa.

  28. Avatar

    Republicans are getting a taste of how they behaved when Obama was president.

  29. Avatar

    USA is a country of immigrant. Built by immigrant.

    If trump and his supporter don't like it, then they should go back where they came from.

    Deport Trump to Germany and Melania to Slovania!!!!

  30. Avatar

    nahh bro, its trump and his GOP yes men and women that own the hate diet, every day trump uses the politics of hate , racism, spite, fear

  31. Avatar

    Republican party sold out AMERICA KICK trump and hannity in the NUTS real hard haha trump JAIL 2020 16 reasons trump not done yet stupid shits

  32. Avatar

    The ODD SQUAD! C'mon Hannity, get it right.

  33. Avatar

    Those 4 dumb bitches are just mouthpieces for the Saudi royals.

  34. Avatar

    Oh yawn . what about the island report on that 1776

  35. Avatar

    The irony of that title
    Foxnews and company hated Obama no matter what he did
    It goes both ways moron

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