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Hand-washing Steps Using the WHO Technique

Proper hand hygiene is the most important thing you can do to prevent the spread of germs and to protect yourself and others from illnesses. When not done carefully, germs on the fingertips, palms and thumbs, and between fingers, are often missed. This video demonstrates the World Health Organization (WHO) technique for hand-washing. Watch the video to be sure you are washing your hands thoroughly.

Learn more about the Johns Hopkins Hospital Department of Hospital Epidemiology and Infection Control: hopkinsmedicine.org/heic

Johns Hopkins Medicine

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    Reading the comments regarding wasting of water: Agree, this method does use a fair bit of water, but one doesn't have to turn on the tap full blast. Watch people using public toilets and how they wash hands and this video is at least a move in the right direction. Teaching and reminding people to wash hands before handling food, before eating, after using the toilet, after handling animals (and this includes the family pet!), etc. is the best thing that comes out of the corona virus outbreak. We teach children how to wash hands, but many adults fail miserably. Handsanitizers are expensive and most people do not use as much as it is recommended.

    I also wish to add, that access to clean water is one of the major achievements in improving health and hygiene in developing countries. Water is indeed precious, but if one has access to running water, one ought to sensibly use it. We also have to respect certain authorities and when it comes to health, it is the WHO.

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    It would probably be a good thing if one of those WHO videos had a dark-skinned person washing hands too. As dark-skinned people are majority in humanity. I am blonde and I don't understand why nobody doing these videos thinks about it…

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    PLEASE re-edit this video to show the hand-washer turning off the water while dutifully scrubbing her hands. Set an example that helps change the egregiously wasteful behavior of people fortunate enough to have the luxury of clean running water.

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    Please CLOSE THE Sink and save water . Help to The planet…….

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    Why do you let the water run for such a long time?!

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    Why we put our hands down after medical handwash

  8. Avatar

    Wasting water….just turn tap off and massage soap….:(

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    And don't you dare turn off the tap while you not using it.

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    Unfortunately for many people in this day and age, this video requires "too much reading" and thus needs to have a voice over.
    It's a sad reflection of the times…

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    Stop wasting water… u waste so much of water to show how to wash hands…

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    Good technique except that all the germs are now on the bracelet.

  13. Avatar

    You forgot about the fingernails

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    Disappointed that the faucet did not have an aerator to reduce water usage. Also disappointed that this technique did not include washing the wrist as well. However, good that shows finger interlacing, washing back of nails, and washing finger tips against opposite palms. 7/10.

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    Too bad they don't think to turn the water off during this process. It's such a waste letting it run to no use.

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    Do people know how much bacteria jewelry holds? Lots.

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    What a waste of water! A simple tap could just save it.

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    What planet is this for? Here on planet earth many places don’t have enough precious water yet alone enough to just let it run down the drain!

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    Can we get a remix. I need to use this to convince my 6yo and 9yo sons. Make it hip in a new version. Anyone know of one online? I know there's the NPR comic for the beer virus but…I'm immune suppressed so I need them to fucking do this.

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    Leaving the water run is more effective in preventing corona virus?

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    Where do you live that water is so plentiful, that you can waste it so effortlessly?

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    Damn that running water is giving me a heart attack!!

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    Please do not forget to close the tap while you are rubbing your palm and finger.

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    This missed out washing your wrists

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    Corona virus watching this video 😂

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    They are rinsing wrong. You rinse from your fingers to the wrist so you aren't rinsing germs from the forearm onto the hands.

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    Nobody thought of telling her to STOP THE RUNNING WATER while washing her hands?

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    Ridiculous. I scrape INSIDE every nail with soap Thanks to all i need to remember wrists👍

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    In public restroom: Exiting stall i grab paper toweluse that paper towel to turn on faucet AND touch soap squirter. Set this paper towel dirty side down on counter. Wash hands. Use that paper towel to turn on and off water AND push for another CLEAN paper towel to dry hands AND to grab dirty paper towel for trashcan. I use drying towel to open exit door. My hands never touch faucet, soap dispenser, towel turner, exit door👍

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    Hey people you aren't washing your hands for surgery. Letup alittle. Finding to much fault.

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    So much water wasted, a terribe example

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    this video sample shows wasting water while applying soap and scrubbing. Turn the faucet off.

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    Running water stresses me out, I cannot watch this

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    I really want to enter the video and turn off the tap😂

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    Close the tap first
    Don't waste water

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    What if there is only a air hand dryer? How do you turn off the water?

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