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HALLOWEEN KILLS Official Trailer TEASER (2020) Jamie Lee Curtis, Michael Myers Movie HD

HALLOWEEN KILLS Official Trailer TEASER (2020) Jamie Lee Curtis, Michael Myers Movie HD
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  1. Avatar

    Laurie made the basement a trap so michael couldnt get out, so if he escaped, then the second movie is already full of crap, lol

  2. Avatar

    What does the title 'Hallowen Kills' even mean? It doesn't even make sense can somebody explain?

  3. Avatar

    Just think, The name Halloween kills could mean michael kills Laurie and it is up to Allison, or it means michael kills Allison or Karen or both, and in Halloween ends, Laurie kills michael, while Laurie maybe surviving

  4. Avatar

    Well…at least itll only be two movies…right

  5. Avatar

    It would be cool if they would make another Blair witch Halloween

  6. Avatar

    Besides anyways they mad scientist can or a man or mad doctor can always clone Michael if they wanted to

  7. Avatar

    Michael's mask looks weird af in this new reboot series lmao. Kind of wished they would of continued with the original series and move away from the Michael-Laurie story. Meaning Dr. Loomis's last movies with Michael and Jamie's story doesn't exist in this new Michael-Verse. But glad their reviving the franchise. But I do hope after these next movies, they go back to the original and tell new stories with it.

  8. Avatar

    Julian’s mom is the one shooting at .20

  9. Avatar

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  10. Avatar

    Thank god the man of honor take yo down lauri borch

  11. Avatar

    So Halloween ends is the final franchise of the movie series?

  12. Avatar

    My view of Michael Myers is that he is so evil he has turned into a supernatural being who cannot be killed.

  13. Avatar

    2021 and this nightmare finally ends, the franchise has gone to crap. The last filmed sucked and this looks like it's on par with that film. The title is 'Halloween Kills' for crying out loud, utter trash!

  14. Avatar

    So why exactly are they going backwards with the dates now?

  15. Avatar

    "Where did you see him where was he?"
    "Over there"

  16. Avatar

    What's with the lame ass thumbnail? Lol

  17. Avatar

    They probably shouldn't have announced the third one cause it kinda ruins part of the plot for the next movie in 2020.

  18. Avatar

    Michael will return in the next phase of the marvel cinematic universe as Disney will buy out the Halloween franchise and therefore it will make him apart of the marvel, starwars and whatever they decide to buy out cinematic universe because it's mother fucking Disney.

  19. Avatar

    On October 2023 Halloween lives
    On October 2024 Halloween Finale

  20. Avatar

    2020 Halloween kills
    2021 Halloween ends,
    2030 Halloween is remade again lol kidding

  21. Avatar

    How does Michael survive a fire? I don’t understand.

  22. Avatar

    Official trailer lol eat balls!!!!

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