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Gymnastics ruled over culture of bullying and fat shaming according to Olympian Amy Tinkler

Amy Tinkler is the highest-profile gymnast so far to accuse British Gymnastics of ruling over a bullying and fat-shaming culture.

The 21-year-old alleged she was called “fat” by one coach and celebrated for looking better after coming out of hospital after having food poisoning by another coach.

The gymnast, who won a bronze medal at the Rio Olympics in 2016, says she would hand the medal back to have not “gone through” years of what she claims were abusive comments and practices.

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  1. Avatar

    So gaining weight has no effect on performance?

  2. Avatar

    Tue colour of Brits around the world just faking bullies !!!!

  3. Avatar

    Coddled brat. She doesn't know what abuse is

  4. Avatar
    Scratch The Surface

    Bullying and fat shaming are two different stories. Dont conflate the two together. Bullying is wrong. Telling somebody they are fat, 1) isn't shaming, its true and 2) is constructive criticism.

  5. Avatar

    I'm sure the authorities will bend over backwards to sort this out.

  6. Avatar

    Being fat is shameful.

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  8. Avatar

    Age old story, young people wanting to achieve greatness or enjoy a sport will always be at the mercy of adults controlling their chances and hence susceptible to their abuse.

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    Some weird people she is beautiful

  11. Avatar

    Fat and gymnastics dont go together

  12. Avatar

    Screw your fee fees

  13. Avatar

    Fat shaming


  14. Avatar

    I imagine it was way worse than she describes. At this level winning is all that counts, humanity is not important. I salute her for being brave enough to speak out.

  15. Avatar

    She's really brave to speak up for those who have been silenced through bullying and other forms of psychological and emotional intimidation. She's also advocating for future generations of victims of hidden abuse.

  16. Avatar

    Bullying is wrong this is why wwyd is here https://youtu.be/Ga4d8B6v850 to prove there are good people around I hate bullies and south park has a great song bully song to bring bullying down https://youtu.be/JlRHWGxGC6M

  17. Avatar

    It’s not a British thing. It’s a world thing

  18. Avatar

    Surely weight is relevant to performance as a gymnast.

  19. Avatar

    Put down the fork🍴

  20. Avatar

    Being chunky doesn’t exactly help a gymnast or professional athlete

  21. Avatar

    The cultural Marxists are at it again.

    Nothing is safe from their fanaticism.

  22. Avatar

    What awesome gurl! Luv from Norway

  23. Avatar


  24. Avatar

    Gymnasts should not be shamed for gaining weight or a be obese or super obese gymnast! Brave to come out about this! I would love to see a 600 lb. 5’ 2” lady compete in the Olympics! Bring it on!

  25. Avatar

    Imagine if these pussys went to the army lmao and met a drill Sargent

  26. Avatar

    Congratulations National Day to Taiwan on 10th October 2020 from 135 crores Indian 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

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