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Gutfeld on the cancel culture takedown

Girl Scouts slammed for congratulating Justice Amy Coney Barrett; ‘The Five’ reacts. #FoxNews #TheFive

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  1. Avatar

    Juan is a nut job!!

  2. Avatar

    Juan, don't be stupid! Please!!!

  3. Avatar

    Snakes are everywhere, even girl scouts

  4. Avatar

    Juan makes a fool out of himself yet again.

  5. Avatar

    Jill Biden should be arrested for elder abuse. She is abusing her 78 year old defenseless husband by subjecting him to traumatic daily activities. He’s in his final days and she’s forcing him to get up before 10:00 am each morning.

  6. Avatar

    To Fox News producers: I love the The Five, but it's just really The Four that I love. Just so you know, as soon Juan Willams begins to speak I change the channel. Whatever you are paying him it's way too much!

  7. Avatar

    And her sororiety deleted a tweet congratulating her…

  8. Avatar
    Ina Porter Brasher

    Cookies are bad for you ….. they push poison ☠️ sugar bad ….

  9. Avatar

    Supporters of the president were brought in to his rally in Omaha, Nebraska, but buses to the rally weren’t able to get back to transport people out. Hundreds of President Donald Trump's supporters were left in the freezing cold. Seven people were taken to hospitals suffering from a variety of conditions. Yup – this is what Trump does, when he's done with you, you get left aside like yesterday's bread.

  10. Avatar

    Juan Williams is an idiot. Why do you guys even have him on this show? He’s more of a CNN guy! 😂😂😂

  11. Avatar

    Cancel culture is all liberal fascist men that wear dresses

  12. Avatar

    Trump humping slime-suits are willing to pull the institutions of our nation into the mud.

  13. Avatar

    Really. Don't be a girl scout.

  14. Avatar

    One of the most accomplished women ever appointed to the Supreme Court and the girl scouts apologize?
    Think about that about that folks! How bad is the rot?

  15. Avatar

    "forced to delete a tweet" were they hacked and had their tweet deleted?

  16. Avatar

    Juan can't help being an idiot… it seems to come naturally.

  17. Avatar

    It would be awesome to have Greg Gutfeld as a next door neighbor.

  18. Avatar


    1. NO Democrats are making up LIES about REPUBLICANS!! But TRUMP and TRUMPERS, ARE!

    2. NO Democrats are hosting careless reckless selfish super-spreader events and stranding Biden supporters out in the cold… But TRUMP and TRUMPERS, ARE!!

    3. NO Democrats are bringing loaded guns to polls to try to scare Trump voters from voting… But TRUMP and TRUMPERS, ARE!!!

    4. NO Democrats nor "the lamestream media" are busy are making up LIES about Republicans committing voter fraud at polling places… But TRUMP and TRUMPERS, ARE about Democrats!!!!

    5. NO Democrat-run states are closing Republican polling places nor are they removing ballot drop boxes… But TRUMP and red-state TRUMPERS, ARE!!!!! And,

    6. NO Democrats are busy abusing the court system to try to prevent Trump votes from being counted in swing states… But TRUMP and TRUMPERS, ARE!!!!!!… In fact, they are doing so, EVEN AS I TYPE!!!!!!! Why?… BECAUSE THEY KNOW MOST VOTERS KNOW TRUMP IS A USELESS GRIFTER, and WHEN EVERYONE VOTES TRUMP and ALL Republicans are IN "YUGE" TROUBLE!!!!!!!!

  19. Avatar

    We the american people will take back america through voting or by force what ever it takes we are not going to end up a commonist country so if they won't to bring it on let them we will show them what americans is we are free and going to stay that way

  20. Avatar
    Julie CaponeHaynes

    Done with the girl scouts! They support planned parenthood!!!

  21. Avatar

    Lefties ruin everything even boyscouts!!!!!

  22. Avatar

    Why they have Juan the socialist??????

  23. Avatar

    Paulie dee: "But I want to say …"
    Dorsey: "You can't say anything, unless I permit it."
    Zuckerberg: "You mean We permit it."
    Paulie dee: "But can I just say …"
    Dorsey: "No! Not even one tweet."
    Cruz: "Can I say …"
    Zuckerberg: "No Ted you can't. When you guys had a chance to stop us you didn't take it. It's too late!"
    Johnson: "But we …"
    Dorsey: "Only the Democrats can talk. They can only tweet."
    Grassley: "But that's …"
    Zuckerberg: "Shut up Chuck! You're the reason we became so emboldened. Every Committee that you were ever on or Committee that you Chaired, nothing ever happened. It was all talk. And now it's too late, and you can't talk anymore."
    Paulie dee: "But can I say …"
    Dorsey: "No! Your opinion doesn't count. You're insignificant, and fading into obscurity."
    Paulie dee: "But I"
    Paulie: "But …"

  24. Avatar


  25. Avatar

    williams continues to demonstrate he is still the village idiot, liar, hypocrite and socialist!

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