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Gutfeld on last night's debate

President Trump, Joe Biden clash over key issues in fiery first presidential debate

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  1. Avatar

    How about a penalty for lies or not answering a question hmmm

  2. Avatar

    I just wanted to see Trump use Biden's butt to mop the floor with. Kind of disappointed though…However, Trump debated both Wallace and Biden and still came out on top.

  3. Avatar

    Good video 👍🏻 I agree. A lot of good points here. Insightful.

  4. Avatar

    Trump 20/20 joe go back to the basement

  5. Avatar

    Misinformation Jaun is the enemy off the truth.

  6. Avatar

    Trump….Will be a Trumpet!

  7. Avatar

    Uh…Proud Boys is NOT white Supremacist… The leader is a Black Cuban…

  8. Avatar

    His eyes are black thought sleepy Joe had blue eyes 🤔🤔🤔

  9. Avatar


  10. Avatar

    Thrilla in manila was part three

  11. Avatar

    You CANNOT say that the only reason trump is getting hate is because he is disliked by the media. Trump supporters are coming out (including me) and just admitting that the way he acted wasn’t a smart tactic, but just childish

  12. Avatar
    Joel Drew Walden [King, M. L. ES]

    Chris Wallace Was The Worst Debate Moderator In American History

  13. Avatar

    Where is the priority list of WHITE global communist money men that funded and enabled these generations of euro nations sellout, drugging, dumbing down, deculturing, hedonizing, demoderating, disuniting, corrupting the youth minds, in the name of this their REAL COMMUNISM of endless growth economics doom and low quality existence fed by their billions of impossible euro/American emulators? Where are the 24/7 tracking updates to their locations? You've all been disunited from your own, but now hundreds of millions in your own home places, non communicating, independently operating lone wolfs exterminating global communists are their worst nightmare. It's time for their Mandela Necklaces to be reciprocated.

  14. Avatar

    so Juan failed 2x, he forgot the president started with "Sure…. 2) the Proud Boys arnt a White Supremist group.

  15. Avatar

    From the beginning the worst part is Biden walked out there and said how are you doing man not hello Mr. President not hollow Trump how are you doing man that shows a sign of respect that that guy holds

  16. Avatar

    That's all you got Juan, the race card ! F YOU JUAN !

  17. Avatar

    Juan what about black supremacist😜😜😜

  18. Avatar

    Chris Wallace was the problem !

  19. Avatar

    TRUMP 2020 💯 PERCENT 😎♠️🐘🇺🇲

  20. Avatar

    trump has the China Virus , does he still think it's a Hoax ???

  21. Avatar

    Don't cry dry your eyes , here comes trump with those 2 oranges little guys ! Trump supporters don't worry per Trump the China virus covid-19 is a hoax ! Hopefully trump is taking his advices on meds , bleach and disinfectants injections and using UV lights all over his body 🇺🇸 MAGA

  22. Avatar

    He is an idiot that has Covid-19 Ha

  23. Avatar
    Whitney Smith de Vargas

    Juan, you have to quote the whole thing if you are going to quote him. Sure was the answer.

  24. Avatar

    Proud Boys are Patriots Juan, They have way more diversity in their numbers than Pasty white Antifa and BLM for that matter!

  25. Avatar

    I have heard some people want the next person(Biden) no matter what baggage instead of Trump. I think about that all the time. That is such a scary response I get from that type of comment. If Biden becomes President I just see more taxes and more High spending. Ha 15 trillion dollars will be nothing to how much Biden and Pelosi and NY Mayor will spend.

  26. Avatar

    Juan just kiss our patriotic arses

  27. Avatar

    Why do you guys even give that Biden kicker any time? He's just as bad as the rest of them.

  28. Avatar

    Thought we were getting good news from fox, then enters chris and Juan ,now it's like there from CNN spewing lies,hope the proud boy's sue you as well.

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